The Beauty of Lake Hopatcong

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The Beauty of Lake Hopatcong

Over the course of my lifetime I have had the honor of living and traveling to almost all 50 states and many areas overseas. During this period I've come to recognize the areas that make you stop and just admire the beauty of your surroundings.


While many of these experiences have been driven by big name locations like the Redwood Forests, California Coast, Great Canyon and the Irish green hillsides. I have to admit that I experience this feeling daily as I travel past Lake Hopatcong. While I don't live on the lake, several of the roads I travel offer great views of the lake.

As the largest lake in New Jersey, I hope that we all enjoy the deep blue of the water, the contrast of the green foliage, which is produced by the morning and evening sun.

It is my sincere wish that every resident regardless of the about of time you've spent in the area take a moment to appreciate where we live.

As a drone operator for the real estate market, I'm posting a picture of the morning sun as it came across the lake.

Enjoy and be happy!

Remember every day is a sunny day if your head is above the clouds.


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