A Thousand Words Create Ugly Picture without a Copyright in Hopatcong

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Did our Hopatcong Borough already understand the treatment of Copyright photos when they added this tag on their website?

Editor: Hopatcong Lake Regional News reader Michele Guttenberger has submitted the folowing article as "Your Opinion" on our site. As a courtesy to our site members, we always support your ability to voice your opinions to our readers.

It appears that Mayor Petillo respected the copyright work of Brad Guice but, it seems another photographer’s work didn’t get the same consideration.  Why did photographer David Hughes feel deceived by her in this complaint and felt there was an – “Abuse of Office.. Theft of services – Threat through deception”.   Isn’t it worth knowing the background story of this complaint since the taxpayer’s money was used to have the ethics challenged Borough Attorney John Ursin help dismiss this complaint?  The meeting minutes on this seem very sparse and conflicting as if it was given to a Middle School student to write up.  Not worthy of the salary we are paying the Borough clerk.    

Was Petillo deceptive in her relationship in selecting Hopatcong’s Webpage Photographer?  Did she share a connection to a New York Church and was discriminatory in awarding a contract to this Web page photographer?  Frankly, it would have been more prudent to select a photographer whose community background wasn’t tied to a horrific news headline incident that still can be found on a google search.  And should we turn our heads in disbelief when the same photographer is called a “Humanitarian” in Hopatcong’s Newsletter where the recreational coordinator is the editor. 

Maybe the best image to communicate an unacknowledged sensational story of Hopatcong’s blind eye that did not venture any further on matters of clandestine temporary housing in vacation cabins of church groups and child welfare that was left unchecked was the banner in the  New York Post   https://nypost.com/2006/08/05/inside-starve-house-of-horrors-just-coffee-a-box-of-cereal/

“I could see every rib in their chests,” the horrified cop recalled yesterday. “When they turned around, you could see the vertebrae in their spines. They looked like pictures out of World War II concentration camps.

“I’ve had a difficult time dealing with this as a father; it’s been emotionally disturbing for me.”

Cops arrested Walker, 47, on July 25 at the lakeside cabin in rural Hopatcong that a fellow New York church member, soap star … had provided as temporary shelter. The troubled mom had approached church officials seeking sanctuary from an abusive husband.

Walker and her children – girls 8, 13, and 18, and boys 9 and 11 – moved into the cabin, next door to the house ….

Through May, Estelle Walker and her kids were regularly provided with groceries by the Times Square Church on Broadway and by the “Search for Tomorrow” and “Another World” soap star. But in May, when Walker refused to leave her temporary digs, “the church cut off financial aid and foodstuffs,” Shaver said.

“[Walker] said it was up to God to take care of her and the children . . . She didn’t look for a job, she didn’t look for social services,” he said.

“The kids were being home-schooled, but they were not learning anything but the Bible.”

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