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River Styx Eminent Domain – Land Board Use Meeting creates more questions

River Styx Project
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Hopatcong Land Use Board meeting on September 6, 2016, raises more questions and caused confusion with Hopatcong Residents.

Special thanks to David Danzis New Jersey Herald for the detailed reporting on this meeting.

While the intent of the Hopatcong Land Use Board meeting was to review the Redevelopment Study, and to gain public feedback. It may have raised more questions than it answered.

Areas of confusion still seems to be:

  1. Why is the Lake Hopatcong Jewish Community Center being categorized as underutilized?
  2. What is the Hopatcong Boroughs Plan for this area?
  3. Why include Eminent Domain in the process if you’re not going to use it?
  4. What is the real need? Is there a need to take people's property and to develop that by private enterprise?


Getting past the confusion

As outlined in our article “River Styx Eminent Domain: What are we as a “community” trying to achieve?” Most Hopatcong Residents would seem to welcome a new redeveloped area where we can live, shop and enjoy the lake. And as pointed out in during the meeting a new development like the Lakepointe project could add significant money to the borough.

Area of Revenue



Hook-up Fees


One time

Sewer Taxes



Water Fees



Property Taxes (Once fully inhabited)



Three Year Speculative Forecast:


First 3 Years


Clearing up the Confusion:

So, while there seems to be clear benefit to the Hopatcong Borough and the residents, it seems that we need to clear up the communications issue before going too much further. Hopatcong Lake Regional News will be reaching out to the town council to help answer your questions, and to provide the answers that you need.


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