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Sussex County Prepares for 2018-2019 Winter Season

Preparations are presently underway at the Sussex County Division of Public Works to deal with the snow and ice that is expected in the coming weeks and into the long winter season.

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Hopatcong Tulsa Trail Teacher “Jennifer Neu” Makes Television Appearance

Second grade special education teacher, Jennifer Neu appears on Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.

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Hopatcong Tulsa Trail Students & Families Featured on TV

Hopatcong Tulsa Trail School Students and their families are television stars as they speak about science nights. 

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Hopatcong set to Ban e-cigarettes on Public Properties

Borough officials are seeking to update local ordinances regarding smoking on borough properties and to add provisions about electronic smoking devices to Hopatcong's code books.

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Freeholders Honor Janet and Brittany Boetticher of Jefferson

The Morris County Board of Freeholders today honored four volunteers from Municipal Alliance Programs in the county for their exemplary efforts to battle alcohol and drug abuse across Morris County.

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Morris County Library Offers Program on Hereditary Breast Cancer

Genetic Counselor to Address Family History, Prevention for Women Under 50

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Morris County Hope One receives Federal Grant

Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon’s groundbreaking Hope One program has been awarded a federal grant of over $332,000 by the Bureau of Justice. Hope One, which offers critical in-the-field support for persons struggling with addiction, has made over 5,000 contacts since its inception.

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Teal Pumpkin Project to be featured at Camp Jefferson’s Fall Festival

This year at Jefferson Township’s annual Fall Festival, Milton United Methodist Church will host a Teal Pumpkin Party celebrating and raising awareness of FARE’s (Food Allergy Research & Awareness) Teal Pumpkin Project®

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SEL and HIB Topic of Discussion at SAIL Parent Academy

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) were the focus of the first Student Academic Intervention and Learning (SAIL) Parent Academy of 2018/2019 on Tuesday night.

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Roxbury EdCamp Offered for In-service Day

Students may have had off Columbus Day but their teachers were hard at work at this year’s October EdCamp in-service day. EdCamps are participant-driven conferences designed to provide participant-driven professional development for educators.

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Roxbury BOE and REA Reach Contract Agreement

The Roxbury Board of Education is pleased to announce that the Board’s and the Roxbury Education Association’s (REA) negotiations teams have reached common ground for contract settlement and have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that contains the terms and details of the agreement for the 2017-2020 contract.

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Roxbury Celebrates Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

The Mission of the Roxbury Township School District is “Preparing the children of today for tomorrow”, so what better way to bring this to light than to show what tomorrow holds?

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Mount Arlington Continues to Reduce the Electric Bill for Residents

In 2017, the Borough of Mount Arlington in conjunction with the Morris Area Energy Cooperative (“MAEC”), passed an ordinance and resolution to establish a Community Energy Aggregation Program. The program is designed to save residents money on the supply portion of their electric bill.

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Mount Arlington Public Schools Recognized for Farm to School Program

Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week was designated as the last week of each September by a law signed in 2010. During this week, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture showcases schools that connect with New Jersey farmers to purchase local produce for school meals to increase student consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Morris Parks — Enter at Your Own Risk: Spooktacular Halloween Festivities

Morris County Parks are featuring the following fall Spooktacular Halloween Festivities for the entire family.

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HOPE One Mobile Recovery in Mount Arlington

HOPE One:  The Morris County Sheriff’s Office HOPE One mobile recovery access vehicle will be at Mount Arlington Borough Hall Parking Lot, 419 Howard Boulevard, on Tuesday, October 2nd from 3pm-7pm.

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Donna Macalle-Holly (LHF), Going “Above and Beyond”

| By Jess Murphy (LHF): New Jersey Highlands Coalition awards Donna Macalle-Holly was awarded the “Above & Beyond Award”

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Thanks to You! LHF Lake Loop 2018 was a Big Success!

Thanks to everyone that participated and donated to the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) Lake Loop 2018, as they were able to surpass last year’s Loop in raising funds for Lake Hopatcong and our Communities.

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Announcing the “Mayor’s Corner at the LHF 2018 Lake Loop”

Come out and meet the four Mayors from our surrounding area (Hopatcong, Jefferson, Mount Arlington, and Roxbury) as they attend the LHF Lake Loop 2018 and officially kick-off the 5K Walk/Run.

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The LHF Lake Loop is on the Phone – It’s for You!

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s (LHF) Lake Loop 2018 is calling on you to help support the foundation and our greater community.

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Knee Deep Club Fall Walleye Contest Winners

The Knee Deep Club have released the winners of the Fall Walleye Contest that was held October 6 & 7 on Lake Hopatcong

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Knee Deep Club 2018 Lake Hopatcong Fall Walleye Contest

The Knee Deep Club will hold its fall Lake Hopatcong Walleye Weekend on October 6 and 7, 2018. The contest will begin at 5:00 AM on Saturday, October 6, 2018 and will conclude at noon on Sunday October 7, 2018.

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Lake Hopatcong Fishing Report as of 08/11/2018

The following Fishing Report for Lake Hopatcong is provided by Dows Boat Rental & Bait.

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Knee Deep Club 2018 Lake Hopatcong Catfish Contest

The Knee Deep Club will hold its annual Lake Hopatcong Catfish Contest the weekend of August 11 and 12, 2018.

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Hopatcong Has Government Granted Itself on its Own Real Estate Blight

River Styx Project
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Hopatcong Lake Regional News reader Michele Guttenberger has submitted the folowing article as "Your Opinion" on our site. As a courtesy to our site members, we always support your ability to voice your opinion. In this article she asks the question. Where is the rate of return?

From Michele Guttenberger: Hopatcong Resident for 35+ years

Hopatcong Taxpayer must acknowledge the cause of Hopatcong's blight was brought on by the aggressive participation in the Highlands Act. New Jersey HighlandsHopatcong permanently sold off large future building development tax ratables to open space and parks recreation programs.  One of the largest land deed holders is a billionaire who acquired over 1.000 acres of Hopatcong Borough land to incorporate it as capital asset of his Global enterprise -IAT Reinsurance ltd.  This type of acquisition brought no healthy business commerce to bolster Hopatcong’s scant business economy.  It was Hopatcong that helped to orchestrate the devaluation of large tracks of land into these programs which would receive NJ qualified farmland tax exemptions under tax levied funded programs for future preservation.  Hopatcong did not make adjustments to its budget spending to realize future tax revenue permanently lost. Qualified Farmland pays out approximately 20% of each real estate tax dollar.  Also, the real estate assessment value is drastically reduced on this property.  This impacts the real estate market value of its neighborhood when adjacent land has been permanently zoned as non-business/residential development property.  Commercial investors like to know there is room for expansion.   Hopatcong has 35 percent of its land permanently zoned as open space and farm preservation land.  All this is permanently lost tax ratables that were instituted through a state government program.  Two detrimental things happened with preservation grant programs- the property assessments of this land was devalued and Hopatcong Borough lost tax revenue.  

Hopatcong Tax RateHopatcong’s answer to meeting its tax revenue needs was to reassess all taxable properties and adjust the tax rate.  To prevent tax appeals prompted by real estate market price downturns, the assessment value was substantially lower from the previous Borough assessment.  Doing this reassessment exercise when the real estate market was at a record low put many new mortgage homes/businesses underwater.  Hopatcong homeowners and small business owners who struggled to the make mortgage payments to a building that had negative equity, decided foreclosure was their only solution.  This made Hopatcong Borough a poor investment area with a high risk rating combined with Highlands act - limited future expansion construction projects.   Once investment banks raise the red flag on the rate of foreclosures it impacts their property evaluations of that area.  

Looking at the new federal grant deal for Hopatcong redevelopment project in the River Styx area, what is missing is robust tax ratable revenues from these construction projects.  Hopatcong desperately needs to get the biggest bang from its commercial zone because we have a very limited area for business center development.  The current tax assessment value of the new Lakepointe townhouse units appears to be far below the assessment value of a property that has lake view appeal.

 There should be only one reason our municipality should be involved in real estate development and that is to increase its tax revenue from these projects.  If we are not getting a robust tax ratable from these redevelopment construction projects than this project was a high stakes grant funded beautification project that further burdened the taxpayer and did nothing for the economic blight of Hopatcong.

Hopatcong has rescheduled the public town meeting on the River Styx Grant Redevelopment Project for September 6th at Hopatcong High School.  Our question as taxpayers should not be about the eminent domain clause in this grant program but rather why are we doing this grant project at all when there is no significant tax revenue to be gained from it.   Or simple put “Where is the rate of return on this?“

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