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River Styx Land Use Board meeting – Postponed for too many attendees

River Styx Project

As the Hopatcong Land Use Board meeting got underway today, July 19, 2016 to discuss the hot topic of River Styx Redevelopment Plan. The meeting quickly came to a close as the meeting had too many attendees for the building.

Hopatcong Land Use BoardWithin minutes after the gavel hitting the table to start the meeting, the announcement was made that according to the Borough Attorney, there were too many people present to conduct the meeting. While the rescheduled date is not known for sure, the next location is targeted for the Fire House, which can hold 300+ people.

As the attendees were gathering, Hopatcong Lake Regional News had the chance to ask them why they were attending, and what they hoped to accomplish.

  • Some questioned the transparency to the Borough Council, and just wanted to stay informed
  • Others, were present to fight to try and keep the River Styx area, the same as it is today
  • And one business owner who owns two business on Lakeside Blvd., was there to support anything that would help revitalize the area and bring more, and higher paying business to his stores.

So, we had an interesting mixture of attendees all eager to become involved, and to stay informed.

As soon as the new date is known, we will broadcast it to our site members, and post the information on-line.