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I’m Samantha a student filmmaker going to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NYC. I grew up in Hopatcong and I’m shooting my junior thesis film back at home for a few weekends.

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Enrollment for the current session of the New Jersey Youth Corps program at Project Self-Sufficiency is has been extended.  The sixteen-week program gives those who have not completed high school the opportunity to boost their literacy skills, prepare for the high school equivalency exam, obtain on-the-job work experience, and transition into a career, college or the military. 

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Regardless of the weather, Hudson Maxim celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, while the Students and Parents read the classic books to the group.

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Message from Freeholder Director Jonathan Rose, Freeholder Carl Lazzaro and Freeholder Herbert Yardley. We are shaving our heads to raise money for childhood cancer research!

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Jefferson that serves as the forefront of our community services, has just unleashed six new adult classes for the spring of 2018.

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Don't miss our annual indoor flea market/craft fair featuring 60+ vendors selling a wide variety of merchandise.  Also, food available for purchase and bake sale.  Come find the perfect gift for Easter, Mothers Day or Fathers Day!
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Morris County ranks as the healthiest county in New Jersey, according to ninth annual health report prepared by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and released this week.

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The Jefferson Township Police Department is pleased to announce it will be hosting its 15th Annual Junior Police Academy! Applications are available starting March 27, 2018 and must be turned in by April 22, 2018.

During this annual summertime event the Jefferson Police go all out in their hosting of around 70 young cadets for a week long experience of a life-time, as the cadets learn across 18 different key areas that includes everything from Defense Tactics to how to defuse a bomb.

Chief of Police, William CraigAccording to Chief of Police, William Craig. “We do this activity each year to ensure that the youth see us a friend and a member of the community that they can trust, and at any time they can approach us with a question or problem they are having. This is just part of what we do in our community outreach activities to make sure that we are serving the public. In the best possible way.”

In addition, Craig stated, “The classes year are larger than we normally take, but we were just unable to turn anyone away, since this is such an important part of what we do in our community efforts. Once we announce the course each year, we are immediately flooded with applications for students that want to participate in the Junior Police Academy.

We already have a success story in that “Matthew Johnson” who was a cadet in the first year of this event, recently joined the Jefferson Police force. He is a welcome addition to the force, and already has his values firmly in place based upon his past training.

Normal Annual Junior Police Academy Major Activities are:

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Drunk Driver Simulator

  • Firearms Safety

  • SERT

  • Bomb Squad

  • JTFD Jaws of Life

  • Morris County Police Academy

  • Morris County Jail

  • Juvenile Detention Center

  • Atlantic Air One

  • Shooting Range

  • Morris County Mounted Unit

  • Drug Prevention

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Fifty families from Franklin and Nixon Elementary Schools in Roxbury Township were treated to a dinner and show at their latest Title I Student Academic Intervention and Learning (S.A.I.L.) Parent Academy of the year at Nixon School Thursday night.

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Lincoln/Roosevelt students officially kicked off their schools green initiative with a magic show by Bill Kerwood on March 9th. Kerwood combined his unique comedy variety show with a recycling program geared towards Roxbury’s recycling efforts.

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Digital Learning Day 2018 has come and gone in Roxbury. Schools took part in the day back on February 22nd. Digital Learning Day is a celebration of educational technology and gives students an opportunity to expand the use of technology in the classroom by learning something new.

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Congratulations are in order for sixth-graders Antonio Coe and Justin Masi at Lincoln/Roosevelt School who have been selected to the 2018 NJSMA Region I Elementary Honors Band.

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Mount Arlington is a Sustainable Jersey certified community–one of only 200 in the state. 

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In 2016, there were zero reports of violent crimes in the affluent lakeside community of Mt. Arlington, New Jersey.

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On June 24, 2015, Christopher Jr. fell into the water from a pontoon boat rented by his father in the area of Byram Cove. Christopher Jr. suffered a head injury when he was struck by the boat. The boy's organs were donated, and a month later, in his memory and in effort to promote random acts of kindness, the family launched the Kindness for Christopher campaign.

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Morris Arts is pleased to offer two scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors who have exhibited artistic excellence in dance, drama, music, or visual arts and plan to pursue post-secondary studies at an accredited institution or acknowledged arts school or fine arts program.

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Based upon community’s support and your voting in the “A Community Thrives last year,” this important initiative driven by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation is almost ready to hit the lake.

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This is the second Spring Season under the new NJDEP rules, and as a result, Lake Hopatcong has already reached the full pool of nine feet as measured at the dam.

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Come aboard Miss Lotta to celebrate Mother's Day! Our dining room will be elegantly decorated for this noteworthy holiday for that remarkable woman in your life!

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Great progress is being made this year at the Lake Hopatcong Train Station, soon to be the Lake Hopatcong Foundation headquarters as well as the Lake Hopatcong Environmental and Cultural Center.

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Lake Hopatcong conditions show a possible early end to ice-fishing on the lake as ice breaks and thickness falls to about 4 inches.

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Due to Ice Conditions,  the Knee Deep Club third 2018 Ice Fishing contest on Sunday March 4, 2018 has been canceled. 

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Dows Boat Rental reports the ice on Lake Hopatcong is still between 6 to 8 inches.

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The Knee Deep Club will hold the second 2018 Ice Fishing contest on Sunday February 11, 2018. The contest will begin at 6 AM and conclude at 4PM.

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The Redevelopment Plan for River Styx Area – Has the public Heating Up

River Styx Project
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Upset Hopatcong local Residents and Businesses are heading to the Land Use Board Meeting this week to voice their strong opinions about the redevelopment plans for River Styx area. Note: The meeting was postponed.

While the Mayor and Hopatcong Borough Council has been working on plans to revitalize the River Styx area for years, and have always shared with the public the plans, progress and overall schedule. The latest move caught many residents by surprise.

  1. By sending certified letters from Borough to River Styx residents and business advising them that their property may be deemed "underutilized," possessing "obsolete characteristics", and they need to attend a public hearing.
  2. To help fuel the fires, the letters also used language "that subject to a Redevelopment Area Designation the Borough of Hopatcong could exercise the power of Eminent Domain to acquire property within the delineated area."

So, let’s take a minute to separate fact from fiction and really understand what’s happening.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Attend the meeting if you feel strongly on either side

Meeting: Land Use Board meeting

Date: July 19, 2016

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Hopatcong Senior Center, Ryerson Rd, Hopatcong, NJ 07843 (Next to Quickchek)


2. Understand who is affected

  • The area that is affected is River Styx Road and Durban Road, stretching from Lakeside Boulevard to Deane Road. Overall, this is 32.8 acres.
  • This involves 41 properties and 24 different owners


3. Understand the purpose of the meeting

  • The purpose of the meeting is to present the findings of the May 2016 Redevelopment Study Determination of Need, prepared by John Ruschke, the borough engineer.
  • To allow the community to speak and inform the Land Use Board of their opinions, which will be forwarded to the Hopatcong Borough Council.
  • This meeting is NOT to determine the final outcome, but rather to share information and gather feedback.


4. What is the Intent of the Hopatcong Borough Council?

  • The Mayor and Council Members have said for years that the redevelopment designation is meant to help property owners and attract investors by encouraging growth in the River Styx area.

Alan Gilbert, States that the council people and mayor that I've spoken with have no intention at all of using eminent domain. It is unfortunately or fortunately -- however you look at it -- happens to be part of the toolkit that's available if we designate an area as a redevelopment area. And it's necessary to let people know that's part of what's available, even though there is no intention, as far as I can tell, to use that."

According to Council President Frank Padula, "Basically, (we want to) send a message out to the world that we're serious about doing some redevelopment here. We want investors to hear that we're willing to work with you, we're willing to talk. You've (got to) start somewhere. We're just trying to jump start the redevelopment that seems to have petered out down in that area."

  • Through "Eminent domain" Hopatcong can become eligible for federal and state funds and can offer incentives to developers, investors or residents.


 5. What is Eminent domain, and what does it mean?

  • Eminent domain is the power of government to take private property for public use after compensating the owner.
  • New Jersey Steps required:
  1. Determine the authority to exercise the power of eminent domain;
  2. Compel the exercise of such power;
  3. Fix and determine the compensation to be paid and the parties entitled
  4. Determine title to all property affected by the action.

Note: Hopatcong is only at the first step.


6. What happens next?

  • After Tuesday's meeting, the Land Use Board will prepare its own findings and present them to the Borough Council. The council will review the recommendation from the board and may choose to designate the area in question, or any part thereof, as an area in need of redevelopment.
  • The Land Use Board will then have to draft a redevelopment plan, which establishes goals and objectives of the municipality and outlines the actions to be taken to accomplish them.
  • The redevelopment plan is then sent to the council -- where the public will be offered another opportunity to be heard -- which can adopt the plan by ordinance. The plan would be become an amendment to the borough's zoning.


Bottom line, if you are a Hopatcong Resident, the time to become informed and involved is now. Watch for future reports from Hopatcong Lake Regional News.

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