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Veterans Cruise on Hopatcong Lake - Gets Local Support

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Pictured above is the support from Mount Arlington Mayor, Scouts and MAPD that supported the Veteran's cruise on Lake Hopatcong, by waving the Red, White and Blue flag of the USA.

On July 2nd, 2016, the “Salute to Veterans Cruises,” hosted 24 veterans from Mount Arlington, Jefferson, Hopatcong and Roxbury, courtesy of Miss Lotta’s owners, Alice and Bela Szigethy and manager Chelsea Cone of Lake Hopatcong Cruises.

“We picked this date as the Fourth of July weekend is a perfect time of year to recognize the service of our Veterans who can enjoy a little rest and relaxation during the biggest weekend on the lake, with fireworks and picnics,” the Szigethy family said in a statement. We look forward to crowded shorelines with lots of red, white and blue and people waiving, cheering and saluting our veterans,” the family says.”

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