Mayor Michael Stanzilis – Master of Ceremony - Lake Rogerene Trails Grand Opening - Ribbon Cutting 10/03/2020

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Overall, since the application, Grant and additional work that needed to be done, the Trails took 4.5 Years to complete, and cost over $600,000 to develop.

Start of MTA Trails Movie                           Watch MovieMorris County Freeholders - $400,000 funding via Open Space Trust Fund Program to acquire the land, approximately 18 acres. Followed by $296,825 funding award for the Lake Rogerene Trails project via the Morris County Trail Construction Grant Program, not taxpayer monies.

The Trails are .92 miles and will intersect with the Roxbury Ice Trails soon. They are working on other trails that will connect across Mount Arlington that are already under review for Grant Applications.

“The Morris County Freeholds has donated $2.8M in Trail Grants since 2016.” Stated Mayor Michael Stanzilis. “This is another great program for us to get some of those tax dollars back into the Borough.”

“Special Thank you to the - Lake Rogerene community for their support of this project."

The Ribbon cutting went to the youngest in the crowd, who showed that scissors are not the easiest of devices to use until he had help from his sister.

Mount Arlington has .92 miles of trails now available to the public.

More Information:

Start of MTA TrailsLocation: Mount Arlington: Orben Dr, Landing, NJ 07850 (Next to Firehouse)

Limited Parking 20 Cars, and Street Parking as an overflow


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