Meet the new Top Gun in Mount Arlington

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Mount Arlington Patrolman Ryan Sherburne recently completed the Top Gun school for narcotics investigations.

Top Gun is an advanced level course instructed by experts from around the state. The course has a limited selective enrollment process and Patrolman Sherburne is the first officer from MAPD to ever attend.

More About Top Gun:

topgunimageTop Gun is an intensive 6-day program designed to train police officers and prosecutors on substantive legal and practical skills using an effective combination of classroom lectures and practical exercises. 

Top Gun trains law enforcement officers and prosecutors together, so that each can understand the needs, problems, and concerns of the other.  Each class consists of approximately 90 State, county, municipal and federal law enforcement officers and 16 State and county prosecutors, who receive classroom instruction together and are divided into 8 Squads for practical exercises.

The practical exercises are designed to challenge the students to apply their experience and the classroom knowledge in a real world setting.  Each class requires nearly 70 faculty members drawn from many State, county, municipal and federal agencies.

Top Gun plays a critical role in preparing investigative and legal staff for extensive narcotic operations.

What You Learn:

  • Confidential Informants:
    You will pair up with one of your squad members and debrief a confidential informant. Faculty members will assist you in developing strategies for convincing the CI to 'come clean' and then for legally and ethically controlling the informant.

  • Working Undercover:
    You will learn both traditional and innovative techniques for safely and effectively operating undercover.

  • Intelligence Gathering:
    You will learn the value of intelligence as strategic and tactical resource while you develop investigative and warrant execution of plans.

  • Interview and Interrogation:
    You will learn the innovative methods of interviewing and interrogating to assist you in developing informants and interviewing suspects.

  • Investigative Planning:
    You will learn to devise an investigative plan to penetrate a local drug dealers organization described in the fact scenario. A methodical investigative concept will be established giving the investigator a realistic framework from which to conduct drug investigations.

  • Surveillance:
    You will work as a group in preparing a search warrant based on the factual information developed in the investigation and learn ways of countering attacks on searches with motions to suppress evidence.

  • Raid Planning:
    You will learn to utilize intelligence information and investigative leads to develop a safe, effective operation. The squads will execute a series of raids during this program.

  • Entry Techniques:
    You will learn safe, effective methods to use when executing search and arrest warrants. Ruse, dynamic and distraction techniques will be discussed.

  • Introduction to Forfeiture:
    You will be able to recognize and identify circumstances where criminal conduct may give rise to asset forfeiture litigation.

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