Jewish Families Get-Together Friday - Welcome Shabbat & Watch Fireworks!

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Any Jewish families want to do a little welcoming of Shabbat this Friday and then enjoy watching the fireworks from our private deck overlooking Lake Hopatcong?  

There is no charge - Bnai Tov, the little Mt Arlington synagogue, offers various opportunities for no charge.   Even veggie dogs, natural sodas, and maybe some other goodies will be provided for free.  You don't have to be particularly religious to join with us on Friday - you just have to want to come together - we're just wanting to
build a warm little community together - just to connect - no obligation.   If you'd like to discuss opportunities for your child to learn about our heritage and maybe even prepare to become Bar/Bat Mitzvah, that is an additional possibility.  

We can also talk about High Holy Day opportunities for the fall.   Whether you want to connect with us once or twice a year or you want something more regular, such opportunities do now exist here in Mt Arlington.  If you're involved in synagogue elsewhere, that's great.  You now have additional opportunities if you'd like to Judaically connect right here in Mt Arlington sometimes.   

If you haven't felt connected to any particular synagogue, then maybe Bnai Tov's particularly meaningful and engaging approach will resonate with you.   This Friday night's goal is just to bring a small group of us together to enjoy a little sense of community while welcoming Shabbat and even watch the grand fireworks from our prime viewing deck.

Please do share this info with any Jewish families you know in and around the Lake Hopatcong area.

Anyone interested should message Bnai Tov ( on Facebook or email

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