Mount Arlington Energy Cooperative Program Update

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In March of 2019, the Borough of Mount Arlington restarted its energy aggregation program that provides a reduced electricity rate for its residents.

Residents that chose to participate in the program have saved a monthly average of $12 on their Basic Generation Service rate or supply charges during the months of March, April and May 2019.

We were recently notified that JCP&L's price-to-compare for June 2019 will include a utility reconciliation rate of -$.005/kWh, and while the reconciliation rate is not part of the Basic Generation Service rate, we thought it was important to let you know the price-to-compare listed on some residents' bills may be lower than the program rate. This is a temporary dip in the price-to-compare which will NOT affect all residents enrolled in the program.

Remember that you can opt-out of the Borough's energy aggregation program at any time without the worry of being charged any fees or penalties, and then re-enroll when the program rate of $.0886/kWh (remains in effect through September 2020) benefits you again.

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