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Kids Make A Difference - Offers Free Programs to Raise a more Conscious Generation of Kids

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Kids Make A Difference's mission statement is, "Helping make a difference in the lives of kids, and helping kids make a difference in life."

A variety of free programs are offered to help raise a more conscious generation of kids.  

While most of the programs empower the kids to be out and about in the community doing things like maintaining trails, restoring habitats, helping at animal sanctuaries, visiting the elderly, etc., the program coming up on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be more paper and pen oriented than usual.  
It will be, though, a meaningful and empowering way for kids to spend the day off from school.  
The day will begin with a discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr., his eloquence in communication, and his commitment to make a difference.  He saw things in the world that bothered him that he wanted to see changed.  Similarly, the kids participating in this program will together brainstorm what bothers them in the world that they would like to see changed.  Each child will select an issue of concern and be guided in creating notes and ultimately creating a letter that with parent permission can later be sent to politicians, business leaders, and others in an effort to affect the positive change they would like to see in the world.  It will be a thoughtful and respectful environment for the kids to think and learn and to think for themselves and to express themselves.  Two different students in the room could actually stand on two different sides of the same issue and be writing letters with opposing views.  They will each, though, be empowered to have their own voice.  A community of respect will be created as Kids Make A Difference regularly does.  
The kids will also have opportunities for breaks, to stretch, to play games, etc.  They will get to have lunch together as well.  It should prove to be quite a meaningful way to spend the day off from school - with The Power of the Pen.  
The Director of Kids Make A Difference, Ph.D. in Education Dr. Andy Mars, is also the Rabbi of Bnai Tov, the new Mount Arlington synagogue, but the Kids Make A Difference programs are secular and are open to any kids in the community.  
Staffing this special day for the kids with Dr. Mars will be Pastor Amanda from the United Methodist Church where the event will take place.  Again, though, the program is a secular program open to any kids in the community who would like to spend the day enjoying making a difference.  
Parents who are interested in their children participating in this event or other events should email Dr. Mars at Andy@KidsMakeADifference.org.  

While these projects are free, parents do need to register their children in advance.  

The project requiring the most advance registration will be the Honoring Presidents project on Presidents' Day next month.  
Parents should contact Dr. Mars asap about the Power of the Pen project on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and about the Honoring Presidents project on Presidents' Day. 
Parents can also contact Dr. Mars if they would like to find out about the possibility of their children participating in The Young Leaders Club or The Junior Philosophers or other such unique enrichment opportunities.  
Kids Make A Difference had been based in California for close to thirty years but is now headquartered here in Mt Arlington and ready to serve the kids, families, and community around the lake. 
They also provide a free monthly Parenting Education series to help parents be the best parents they can be.  As Dr. Mars reminds us, "Even professional athletes still get coached." Even already great parents can be better at their game with such helpful coaching.  
The Parenting Education schedule is online at www.Parenting.Education.  Enrichment opportunities can be perused at www.Enrichment.Education.  Summer camp information is available at www.CampExploration.org.  Kids Make A Difference information in general is online at www.KidsMakeADifference.org.
Email Dr. Mars for any of this or more at Andy@KidsMakeADifference.org.  This educational expert and visionary for family reasons this fall returned to NJ after about thirty years away, and his return brings many benefits and opportunities to the kids, families, and community around Lake Hopatcong.  

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