Mount Arlington Winners in Christmas Light Contest

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Mount Arlington finalized their Christmas Light Contest during the week of December 20th, and while they didn't find Clark Griswold this year, they did have four outstanding winners.

Mount Arlington Christmas Lights 2017

  • 1st Place Anything Goes and Overall Winner.jpg
    1st Place Anything Goes and Overall Winner.jpg
  • 1st Place Nostalgic 1
    1st Place Nostalgic 1
  • 2nd Place Anything Goes
    2nd Place Anything Goes
  • 2nd Place Nostalgic
    2nd Place Nostalgic

Each contestant was judge on a 6 question survey with a rating scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest.  From there Mount Arlington tallied up the scores for each contestant.  The highest score in each category was named the winner.

In addition to the category winner, we also have a grand overall winner.  This person needed to have the highest score out of all of the category winners.

Congrats to the 2017 Winners!!

The event was sponsored by: Mt. Arlington Board of Recreation, with homeowners registered in the following Categories:

  1. NOSTALGIC (most old-fashioned, reminds-me-of-my-childhood)

  2. CLARK GRISWOLD (excessive use of lighting and decorations)

  3. INSIDE-OUT (indoor displays that are visible from the street)

  4. ANYTHING GOES (no specific theme, but WOW)

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