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Kindness for Christopher – Continues to Spread Nationwide

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This Kindness for Christopher movement all started with the tragic death of Christopher D'Amico, who died from injuries sustained when he fell off the front of a rented pontoon boat in Lake Hopatcong.

Since that time, the family and a growing community of supporters continue to push forward the “Kindness” requirement for life. This movement has already been adopted by all of our local Schools, and other schools across the nation.

In the most recent move a Missionary service continued to help Spread the Word across the nation. The following is their post.

Dear D'Amico Family,

My name is Jess Spitzer, my friend Samantha Osetec and I were inspired by your story at the 2017 Color Run. As a result, we felt called to spread your son's amazing legacy. The week after this incredible event, we were traveling to impoverished town of Dunlow, West Virginia on a mission trip with a group of other teens and adults from our church. We saw this trip as a great opportunity to bring #kindnessforchristopher rocks with us.

Kindness VideoWe painted the rocks bold colors and asked our fellow missionaries to decorate and write inspiring quotes on them. Along the way there and back, as well as during our stay, we placed rocks where we felt would be impactful. In addition, our college leaders threw a carnival for the community's children where we left pre-painted rocks for the kids to design. The people who live down there are some of the kindest we have ever met and truly embody Christopher's legacy.

Here is a video we made to show our support and our team's enthusiasm about spreading kindness. Christopher had a beautiful life and your family is in our prayers constantly.

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