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Borough of Mount Arlington Residents – Notified of automatic enrollment in Energy Cooperative

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The following letter has been sent to all residents in Mount Arlington that they have been automatically enrolled in Energy Cooperative as part of Morris Area Energy Cooperative, which passed an ordinance and resolution to establish an Energy Aggregation Program.

Contents of Letter:

The Borough of Mount Arlington in conjunction with the Morris Area Energy Cooperative has passed an ordinance and resolution to establish an Energy Aggregation Program. Enclosed please find important information on the Energy Aggregation Program. Many municipalities throughout the State are participating in this program to provide a benefit to their residents. The accompanying attachments explain the program in detail along with the rate we were able to achieve to help save you money on your utility bill.

We are pleased that we are able to offer this electric energy savings program. This program is very different than other third party supply contracts and offers protections to you that individual contracts may not offer, such as no penalties or fees to opt out, opt out at any time, and a flat, fixed (not variable) rate.

The Energy Aggregation Program is overseen by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the Division of Rate Counsel through N.J.A.C 14:4-6 et seq. It allows for municipalities to pool the energy usage from all residents within each municipality in an effort to find a lower rate on the electric supply portion of your bill.

This program is an Opt-Out program; this means that if you wish not to experience the fixed rate savings that have been secured, you must Opt-Out. We are bound to follow the statutory guidelines and this aspect of the program is a provision of N.J.A.C. 14:4-6, not the Borough of Mount Arlington, nor our energy consultants, Concord Energy Services (CES) and Commercial Utility Consultants, Inc. (CUC). In an effort to provide you a better rate and group buying power, as well as protection against fluctuating rates, we see this as a valuable service of which we could take advantage.

For those of you who have questions beyond what is enclosed here, we will be holding an informational meeting on 6/27/2017 at 6:00 p.m. to be held at 419 Howard Boulevard, Mt. Arlington, NJ.

Our energy consultants, CUC and CES, will be on hand to do a presentation and answer any questions you may have at that time. Please look on the Mount Arlington website www.MountArlinqtonNJ.org or www.njaggregation.us/maec for any additional outreach information and meeting dates. A FAQ sheet is attached for your convenience, and you may call CES at 866-688-5197 if you have questions or you received this letter in error.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this valuable information and look forward to helping you save on your utility bill.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Who do I Call if my electric goes out?

You will still call PSEG or JCPL.

Q2: Do I have to be in this program?

No. you can opt out by going to www.niaggregation.us. calling 877-292-3904 or by returning the bottom portion of the Opt- out letter.

Q3: Can my information be sold to advertisers or energy companies?

No. Your information, including your account number, is confidential and can only be used to set up the program your municipality has set up.

Q4: What is a Government Energy Aggregation program?

A municipality has the ability to pool together the usage of all their residents to obtain a lower electric or gas rate than what the Local Distribution Company is currently charging. If they get a lower price, they can then offer it to all their residents.

Q5: Is there a fee to be a part of the program?

No, there are no fees or penalties.

Q6: Is there a fee if I leave the program after it starts?

No, there will never be a fee or penalty for a resident to leave the program, even after it starts.

Q7: Will I be penalized if I do not become a part of the program?

No, there will never be a fee or penalty. If you do not want to be a part of it you are free to stay with your local utility company or choose your own Third Party Supplier.

Q8: Is Commercial Utility Consultants or Concord Energy Services an energy supplier?

No. They are independent consultants that works with all the energy suppliers licensed to do business in New Jersey by the BPU to obtain the energy contract and work through the process to put the Aggregation program in place.

Q9: Am I going to have to pay more than one bill if I am a part of this program?

No, you will continue to receive one bill to your utility company and pay that one bill directly to them as you always have.

Q10: Who do I call with service questions or questions about my bill?

You will continue to call your local utility company just as you always have.

Q11: Who will now read my meter?

Your local utility company will still read your meter.

Q12: Will the Budget Bill or Equal Payment Plan be offered?

Yes, this will be offered for this program. You may experience a "true-up" prior to enrollment.

Q13:Are the people knocking on my door asking about my electric bill a part of this program?

No, no one associated with CUC/CES will be knocking on your door. All official program information is sent via USPS and can be found on the websites mentioned in the accompanying material.

Q14: What information will I receive about the program?

Aside from public meetings and advertising, you will receive at least 2 letters. One is your official Information Packet and it provides the details such as the new rate, term, chosen supplier and the deadline for opting out. The second is a confirmation letter from the utility company stating you have elected to remain in the program and the date you will be switched over. This is a form letter stating you have chosen to switch even though the program was chosen by your municipality as a benefit to you. You may disregard this letter.

Q15: Is the price a "teaser" price that will go up after I am a part of the program?

No. Your price will remain at the rate as indicated on the enclosed Opt-Out notification for the full term of this aggregation.

Q16: What happens after the initial term expires?

A new rate and term will be offered which you will be notified of. If no savings can be offered, you will automatically be returned to the default service rate through the utility company.

Q17: Who oversees the Government Energy Aggregation process?

The NJ Board of Public Utilities, the Rate Counsel and the Division of Community Affairs all play a part in overseeing the Aggregation programs in New Jersey. CUC and CES both must follow strict statutory guidelines implemented by the state agencies.


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