LHYCHF is nearing its $100,000 goal for LHYC Porch Renovation

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The Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club Historical Foundation (LHYCHF) is closing in on the required $100,000, as two private donors have each individually committed to match up to $100K of donated funds, for a total of $300,000 to restore the upper porch.

We have continued to make good progress on our fundraising campaign for the LHYC Upper Porch Project.  We have risen over $79,000 to date - a great achievement!  We do still have a little ways to go to get to the $100,000 challenge, and just a couple more months to get there, so if you have been considering a donation now is the time!

The impact of this Matching Funds Program on both the LHYCHF and the LHYC Clubhouse is a historic first for both entities completing the largest restorative work in decades.  The current Matching Fund effort will conclude the last of the Three Stage restorative project on the porch and front facade of the LHYC Clubhouse.

Thoughtful planning of the LHYCHF funded restoration projects of the lower porch and column structure has set the stage for a seamless and cost effective Upper Porch restoration.  The Upper Porch continues to pose threats to the integrity of the building with a variety of leaks, faltering material and out of date building codes.

The LHYCHF is accepting donations from December 2016 through May 2017.   Anyone interested in donating to this fund please make a check payable to Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club Historical Foundation (or LHYCHF or LHYC Historical Foundation).  Mail to:

LHYC Historical Foundation

 PO Box 133

 Landing, NJ 07850

For more information or to clarify any questions please email lhychf@gmail.com

As a reminder, donations to the LHYCHF are 100% tax deductible by law as the LHYCHF is a 501 (c) 3.

We would like to thank the donors whose support has been received so far in 2017.

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