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Roxbury Global Expo – Proves we are all one race – Human!

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During the Second Year of Roxbury’s Global Hi-5 Multicultural Expo we learned that race is only a human-made description for ethnicity. But scientifically there is only one proven race “HUMAN.”

As the event got underway Thursday, February 16, 2017, we had the luck to interview Vasiliki Tsigas-Fotinis, a member of the Committee that puts on this event.

“The committee starts the process with monthly meetings a full year before the event, which changes to weekly meetings as the date gets closer. The idea for this event came from Ann and Marcia our two Spanish teachers three years ago, and it has worked out to be a fantastic event for both the students and the community.”

“There are over 20 Countries represented here, and this year we added Geometry, which is the Language of Space. The first year we had 344 Attendees, and this year we are sure to top that number.”

Pictures from the 2017 Event:

To help the students to learn more about each country, they are given a passport that needs to be stamped by each country after the learn something about that country. “This is highly popular with the students and even the adults.”

Ms. interview Vasiliki Tsigas-Fotinis who graduated from Roxbury High School, and went on to gain three Masters and a Ph.D., continued to state. “In the diversity, we are all one race – human, that is the only scientifically proven race, all of the others are human-made. As I taught college, I told my students that you’re lying when you put down a race. Just write HUMAN in capital letters.”

During the Expo, the different Countries not only offered food from that native lands, and also performed special music and dances from their homeland for educational purposes.


  •  Albania  
  • Canada  
  • China  
  • Colombia   
  • Croatia   
  • Cyprus       
  • Ecuador   
  • France   
  • Greece  
  • India     
  • Ireland  
  • Italy  
  • Kenya   
  • Kenya        
  • Mexico  


  • Netherland   
  • Norway  
  • Norway   
  • Perú   
  • Spain   
  • Syria   
  • U.S.A.   
  • Ukraine


  • CIEE Council International Education(Holly Rausch) 
  • EMS and Elementary Spanish Teachers      
  • Evelyn Karpack   
  • Flora Frangoudis  
  • French Club
  • Galván Family
  • Global Connections Kenya of Hopewell Valley Central High School with Dr. David Angwenyi
  • Hispano Solutions   
  • Iskra Ukrainian Dance Academy   
  • Manohar Family  
  • María Navarro
  • Noches de Colombia
  • Nor Bu Lodge  
  • Patrick Gallagher  
  • Putumayo World Music
  • Quinn Family
  • RHS Key Club  
  • RHS Student Council   
  • Riviera Maya   
  • St. Andrew Greek Dance Group (Tanya De Boer)  
  • Tom Liang/Shen Yun
  • Troop 188   
  • Troop 54   
  • Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ
  • Zina Alani Mougharbel  

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