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RHS Students Learn Oil Painting from a Master

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MaryBeth Thielhelmv a very accomplished oil painter teaches advanced skills to Twenty-three Roxbury High School advanced art students.

Roxbury High School’s Visual Arts Department hosted MaryBeth Thielhelmv for an artist-in-residence program over the past few months with her final session coming next week.

Twenty-three advanced art students from the Portfolio Development and AP Art Studio classes participated in three of four oil painting technique workshops and presentations offered between November 2016 and February 2017.

Students researched the artist and examined her pieces prior to the first visit in November to build an understanding of her body of work and technique.

Evan VanBiert, a high school junior shared his research and viewpoint of the artist.

“MaryBeth Thielhelmv is a very accomplished oil painter who has had work in many galleries. One gallery is the Sears Peyton Gallery in New York City. Her artwork mainly consists of oil paintings, her subject matter mainly oceans. She creates these paintings by laying very thin washes of oil paint. I really love how she creates her paintings, slowly building up washes of oil paint. I also really like how she utilizes high contrast in her paintings.”

Thielhelmv demonstrated her application techniques to the students in the first workshop, and she worked one-on-one with them to discuss the inspirational pieces selected and how to start the process.

Throughout the sessions, students paused for critique, contemplation, and feedback from their peers as well as the artist herself.

“Students were able to work on their pieces in-between workshops and after each one was asked to describe their experience and write what they learned from the artist regarding technique, color, the process, using the brush, rag, their hands, etc. They took relevant notes and wrote honestly about their interaction with the artist. I hope the students come away with a better understanding of the way an artist works, how they use the creative process, and what it takes to succeed in the profession. I also hope they take away a sense of accomplishment and pride in the work they created, and most of all, that they remember the shared experience as one that spurred their excitement, passion, and resolution to work hard and reach their goals,” shared Joann Hughes, the RHS Visual Arts Lead Teacher.

Completed pieces will be on display in the schools and possibly submitted to upcoming art shows and competitions in the coming weeks.

The Roxbury High School Fine Arts Department is working on setting up additional artist-in-residence programs for ceramics and photography.

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