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Boy Scout Troop 188 Scouts in action

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The Hopatcong Lake Regional news caught up with the scouting team at their semi-annual clothing drive.

It was just shortly after they opened at 9:00 AM and already the bags of clothing were rolling in by the trunk-load. Based on past years, the scouts estimated that by 1:00 PM you won’t be able to see over the pile of donated clothing, toys, and other items.

After everything is collected, they are paid by weight, and the money collected goes to help fund their activities for the rest of the year.

Here are just a few things that the scouts have planned:

  • Watchung Mountain Trip
  • Worthington State Forest with the Pack
  • Geocache Hike @ Horseshoe Lake
  • Shotgun Shooting @ Camp Somers
  • Freeze-o-ree @ Camp Somers
  • Klondike @ Camp Akaleland Trexler PA
  • Camp Glen Gray Climbing
  • Shawnee Scout Weekend


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