Roxbury Operation Gratitude at Nixon Elementary School

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ROXBURY, NJ (November 24, 2020) – Nixon Elementary School participated in Operation Gratitude’s Halloween Candy Give Back Program that donates excess Halloween candy to military and first responders. Students, staff, and families were able to drop off their donations on Friday, November 13th via a contactless system whereby candy could be placed in boxes outside the school. All candy had to be individually wrapped and in Ziploc bags.

Third graders in Alyssa Bellardino’s class volunteered their time and created posters to promote this wonderful cause including Avery, Sienna Grenke, Giana Alston, Olivia Bazellari, and Anthony Maxwell.

Operation Gratitude Collection 1
Operation Gratitude Collection 2
Operation Gratitude Poster
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Following the collection, Bellardino held an Operation Gratitude Contest where students were asked to guess how many pounds of candy had been collected with the closest guess winning a prize from Bellardino.

Third grader Daniel Spezza was the winner guessing 142 pounds.

As a whole, the school collected 163 pounds of candy which was on display at the entrance of the building for students to walk by and take a look at to help with their guesses.

Bellardino will be dropping off the candy to the Roxbury Police Department and local fire departments on November 24th.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Nixon School)

· Operation Gratitude Poster

· Operation Gratitude Collection 1

· Operation Gratitude Collection 2


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