Shop Local 2020 - Bagels on The Hill – Delivering 30 Years of the Finest Quality

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Bagels on the Hill is a family-owned eatery that was first established in 1991.  All of our bagels are baked fresh every morning, made from fresh ingredients that are rolled, boiled, and baked to the perfect bagel our community has loved for 30 years.  

Screenshot 2020 09 07 Bagels On The Hill bagelsonthehill Instagram photos and videos4Location:

Address: 175 Lakeside Blvd, Landing, NJ 07850

Hours: Monday - Friday  5 am - 2 pm

Saturday - Sunday  6 am – 2 pm

​Currently owned and operated by Michael and Betty Ann Culvert, with the help of their daughters Michelle and Amy. Michael is not shy about sharing his secret for his long standing success..

BOH Cooking Process                Watch Cooking Process“It’s quality that really matters as we create our Bagels with only the freshest ingredients, rolled, boiled, and baked. Many short-cuts can be made in the process, but we won’t sacrifice any of our products,” stated Michael, who starts his mornings at 3:00 AM.

“The same is true with the Deli Counter that holds the meats sliced to order as well and the salads, cream cheeses that are made fresh daily.” With us, it’s about making the perfect bagel." Bagels on the Hill serves in a counter-style dining area, Coffee, Teas, Milk, Orange Juice and other drinks.  The front counter serves also as a large Deli Case for Hot Trays. Platters, Sandwiches, Subs, and Salads which are Homemade on our premises.


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With a restaurant-style full griddle customers can enjoy custom bagels, full breakfasts, and a extensive lunch menu. Also, our dining area has historical photos of Landing, NJ that are on display.  We encourage all customers to come in and view the photos that show the rich history of area.


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