Roxbury Schools: Jefferson’s Early Act Collects Donations for Front Liners

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ROXBURY, NJ (April 7, 2020) – Even with schools closed due to the health-related emergency COVID-19, Jefferson School’s Early Act Club in Roxbury Township is up and running working to help those who are helping all of us.

Jefferson Principal Melissa Cosgrove shared with her students on Monday’s Morning Announcement that the Early Act Club would be holding a collection for donations.

Erica Iuvone, the Early Act Advisor expanded Tuesday morning on what the Jefferson community could do to help. “There are a few things Early Act is doing, so we wanted to open it up to all of Jefferson. The first thing that we have is a donation for the front liners. We’re collecting high energy protein bars for medical professionals. Bars like granola bars, Cliff bars, KIND bars, Belvita, Nature’s Valley, etc. We’re having the donations on Friday, April 10th between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to drop off in front of Jefferson Elementary. I’ll be there to greet you from my car, so it’ll be great to see your smiling faces as you drop off a donation for the front liners.”

In addition to the energy bars, Ms. Iuvone challenged students to tap into their crafty side to work on learning to sew masks.

“If you’re looking for a project to do, we all have some extra time on our hands. Joann Fabrics is offering curbside pickup of fabric. I have some right here because I’m doing this project at home with my family. So, you can pick up some fabric to make face masks for the front liners. There are some YouTube clips on how you can sew the masks and I’ll be sharing some on the Jefferson Facebook page. If you’re interested in learning how to sew, then you can sew masks for the front liners. Those too can be dropped off on Friday as well,” said Iuvone.

The YouTube link shared with families was “For BEGINNERS! ❤ How To Make A Fabric Face Mask At Home Easy” which can be found at if anyone is interested in making masks to help the front liners and those in who need them in our community.

Ms. Iuvone and Principal Cosgrove also encouraged students and families to work together and be creative to make handmade cards, posters, and letters for the nurses and doctors.

“Last but not least, we all enjoy coloring. You can make cards for the front liners and that’s also a fun, relaxing activity to do as well. So, if you have younger siblings at home, you can keep them busy for a little bit and help whoever is at home to make cards for the front liners. Those are things the Early Act is doing and of course, that’s open to all of the Jefferson Elementary families. Thank you for all that you do to help!”

Principal Cosgrove followed up sharing, “Just so you know, Ms. Iuvone will be in her car at Jefferson. She’ll wave and smile but remember when you’re doing drop off, we’re going to separate the boxes. There’s going to be a box for Morristown Memorial, St. Clare’s of Dover, and St. Clare’s of Denville. I’ve been in touch with all three so we’re going to do drop-offs to them in the appropriate ways, so don’t worry about that. Also, if someone is dropping off, please wait until they’re done before you get out of your car to drop off as well, to keep our social distancing. Don’t forget those wonderful cards. My nurse friends and doctors love these, I’m telling you! They love the food, it’s great but they also love to look at the cards you all make them and share with them.”

For those interested in helping the Jefferson Koalas with their donation drive, items can be dropped off at Jefferson Elementary School located at 35 Cornhollow Road in Succasunna, NJ. #RoxStrong

Jefferson’s Early Act Club is a school-wide service club for the elementary students and is sponsored by the Roxbury Rotary Club.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Jefferson School)

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