Roxbury Schools Go Global with Annual Multicultural Expo

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ROXBURY, NJ (February 27, 2020) – The Roxbury High School Dining Hall was again alive with color, food, performances, spectators, and energy at the fifth annual Global Hi-5 Multicultural Expo on February 20th. More than 400 students, organizations, families, and community members came out to take part in this festive event. Play Video.

Marcia Cordeiro, one of the expo organizers, Roxbury staff member, and parent shared that this event is a way to “experience the gift of one HUMAN race and its multisensory cultural diversity in CommUNITY.”

French Club
EMS Spanish Club with Advisor1
Global Hi5 1a
Global Hi5 2
Global Hi5 3
Global Hi5 Congo Line
Los Mariachis
Red Bull Table
Roxbury staff visiting Polonia
RoxTHON at Global Hi5
Visiting Polania
Visitors with Red Bull
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The event invited tourists to get their passports stamped while their five senses were tantalized through international expressions of cuisine, music, arts, crafts, costumes, dance performances, and so much more! In addition to the 16 country expos (filled with artifacts, food, brochures, fun-facts, posters, pictures, and instruments, etc.) to visit there was continuous entertainment going on.

“Our hope was for attendees to gain awareness of our community’s multicultural identity that makes us one! Our community needs to be inclusive of all people, regardless of our differences. Events like these help create stepping stones to bridge the gaps between cultures. By reaching out to all parts of the community and involving people on a regular basis allows us to foster good communication with each other.”

This collaborative event is organized by the Roxbury School District staff, students, parents, and community members. Roxbury Schools participating organizations included the Eisenhower Middle School and Roxbury High School Spanish Clubs, French Club, RoxTHON, and Roxbury’s Robotics Program, and Roxbotix Team. These organizations are run by advisors and student members.

Roxbury Schools Go Global with Annual Multicultural Expo

  • Argentina – Michelle Danielson and family
  • Chile – Christina Buck from Boonton Schools
  • Columbia – Marilyn Romero, Martinez Family, Noches De Columbia, and EMS Spanish Club
  • Costa Rica – Henry, Lourdes, Sophie and David Navarro
  • Cypress – Flora Frangoudis and Eleni Boyadjis
  • Dominican Republic – Monica Marcano and family
  • Ecuador – Marcia Cordeiro, Marcia and Peggy Galván, Maria Alarcón, and the EMS Spanish Club
  • Geometry – Maryann Paschal Brinkley
  • Greece – Fotinis Family and Friends
  • Italy – Danielle Faroldi, Amanda DeCraine and the EMS students
  • Mexico –Riviera Maya and the EMS Spanish Club
  • Norway – Sons of Norway – Nor Bu Lodge (Norwegian waffles)
  • Perú – Nelly Ratto
  • Polonia – Behrens Family, Blakut Family, EMS Staff: Robert Capra, Shawn Smith, and Daniel Pojedinec
  • Spain – Maria Jose Navarro, RHS Spanish Club and Anthony Sessa, EMS Spanish Club
  • United States – Roxbury Boy Scout Troop 188

Performances this year included:

  • Spanish Guitars performed by Wilson Galvan and Gustavo Romero
  • German/Swiss/Polka on the Accordion performed by Russ Koch
  • Dream Dance Studios
  • Los Mariachis performed by Angeles de Puebla
  • Les Feuilles Mortes performed by Danielle Doherty
  • Los Choleros performed by Sierra y Oriente Ecuatoriano

Other participating organizations and businesses included:

  • Dreams Dance Studio
  • Noches De Colombia Restaurant
  • Riviera Maya Restaurant
  • Roxbury Boy Scouts Troop #188
  • Red Bulls – Brandon Medina & Marco Matute

“It was great to see and experience the local cultures of the school district. The students and our neighbors in Roxbury shared languages, cultures, food, and dance. All to raise awareness and for us to demonstrate to our young people how important it is to recognize the cultures we all come from.”

Adding, “We would like to express our heartfelt thank you for attending our 5th Global Hi-5 Multicultural Expo. We would especially like to thank all of our “Countries” and groups that participated to make this a great event. Without their love of their respective countries and cultures, this great country and this event would not be possible. We feel it is important to show our diversity, not just in Roxbury, but in the world. We are all one people who share a love of different cultures.”

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury High School)

  • Roxbury staff at Polonia (L to R): Shawn Smith, Dan Pojedinec, and RHS Principal Dominick Miller
  • Visiting Polania
  • EMS Spanish Club with Advisor
  • Global Hi5 1
  • Global Hi5 2
  • Global Hi5 3
  • Visitors with Red Bull
  • French Club
  • Cyprus
  • Red Bull Table
  • Los Mariachis
  • DJ TAB – EMS 8th grader Tyler Benedetto and his dad Alan
  • Global Hi5 Congo Line
  • RoxTHON at Global Hi5

VIDEO ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury High School)


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