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New Jersey’s New Top Sheriff - Morris County James M. Gannon Sworn In

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Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon was ceremoniously sworn in as President of the Sheriffs' Association of New Jersey on Monday, February 24, by a bipartisan duo -- State Senator Anthony Bucco and former Governor and State Senator Richard Codey.

Sheriff Gannon was previously sworn in on January 23 to the presidency of the Sheriffs' Association and he held his first official meeting with members of the association on Monday in Morristown at the Grand Cafe.

After the meeting, Sheriffs, Morris County Police Chiefs and dozens of friends and dignitaries gathered for a fundraising event sponsored by the New Jersey State Sheriffs' Alliance, a non-profit entity that assists members of Sheriff's Offices with receiving necessary training.

During this alliance gathering, Senators Codey and Bucco simultaneously swore in Sheriff Gannon, Camden Sheriff Gilbert "Whip" Wilson and Ocean County Sheriff Michael G. Mastronardy as, respectively, Association First Vice-President and Secretary.

In welcoming the Sheriffs to Morristown, Sheriff Gannon hosted outside the Morris County Courthouse a display of Agency vehicles, equipment and services, including the Hope One program, the Bomb Squad, K-9 Section, Motor (Motorcycle) Unit, and the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT).

Sheriff Gannon recently returned from the National Sheriff's Association conference, where he presented on his innovative school safety program RSVP-3, and the RSVP-3 mobile app that allows students, or anyone, to anonymously report threats to school safety.

During the alliance gathering, Sheriff Gannon said: "Sheriffs know we really can't be too successful unless we're aligned with the local police chiefs. In Morris County, I'm very blessed.... they make it all happen."

As Sheriff's Association of New Jersey President, Sheriff Gannon said, he hopes to help other counties keep improving relationships with the community and law enforcement partners, among other goals.

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