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Roxbury: Jefferson Preschool Sees the Benefits of Mindfulness

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ROXBURY, NJ (February 21, 2020) – The Jefferson Elementary School Preschool program has been fortunate to take part in the district’s Mindfulness Program provided by Amy Rubin, Founder of SELFF (Social/Emotional Learning for Friends and Families).

Amy’s goal is to make mindfulness attainable, relatable, and sustainable. “Knowing that the benefits of mindfulness are for anyone who practices and that it has so many positive effects for students of all ages and differences. The district has been overwhelmingly supportive of my programs and mindful approach allowing me to share my passion with its diverse student/teacher population. I’ve yet to meet a student I can’t reach or adapt my lessons for,” said Rubin.

Although the lessons may vary in delivery, the content and learning objectives are always the same: empowering teachers and learners with a practice that infuses calm and increases awareness and compassion.

“When I left the classroom in 2018, my intention was to reach the greatest audience and be the change I wanted to see in the world. I’m grateful that my mindfulness consulting allows me to accomplish this and that I not only provide life skills that students need, but that I can help to unburden teachers one mindful moment at a time.”

All of the teachers in the program see the benefits of the demonstration lesson for students. Patti Klein, preschool teacher at Jefferson School noticed that her students were calmer and more engaged after practicing mindfulness exercises.

“The students just think they are having fun. It’s wonderful to have more tools to assist all students in creating an environment to grown and learn,” shared Klein.

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