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Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich has arrived in Roxbury

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Sabretti’s Hot Dogs & Wild Game Sausages, known as one of New Jersey's best Hot Dog spots, which started in Hopatcong and then migrated to Roxbury and was voted as #1 in Morris County, and they have just released a great series of new sandwiches to their menu called “Italian Beef.”

Sabrettis Italian Beef In RohanThis new sandwich, is the creation of owner and Culinaire food expert, Rohan Shetty, who is known for his travels across America in his search of great tastes that he can bring back to his customers…

“I was visiting Chicago and gained a real appreciation for a sandwich they served across the city called “Italian Beef – Chicago Style. At first taste, I understood that this combination of steak and toppings is way above the typical Cheese Steak Sandwiches that are served in our area.”

Sabrettis Italian Beef In John“So, over the last year, I’ve worked hard to bring this sandwich to New Jersey, which meant ordering and testing different combinations of the sandwich until we had it perfect. I then had the toughest critics from several owners of local restaurants known throughout the area to taste the sandwich, in order to further enhance our final menu offering.”

The Sandwich is offered in three styles:

  • Beef Sandwich with just the beef and Au Jus ($8.99)
  • Chicago Style with Giardiniera, Peppers, and Onions ($9.99)
  • Sabretti's Special with Hot Peppers, Peppers & Onions and Cheese ($10.99)

The Important Taste Test:

Sabretti’s invited the team from the Hopatcong Lake Regional News team in for a taste test and here our honest findings. We took the sandwiches as Take-Out to further test of what happens when you get home.

Sabrettis Italian Beef In1

  • The sandwich arrived back to our offices still hot with a perfect blend of melted cheese
  • The sandwich was beyond our expectations with at least ½ lbs. beef and measured almost 10”
  • This sandwich is a FULL meal, expect to be full or have great leftovers
  • The meat is outstanding with a much better taste than your typical cheesesteaks as they use Seasoned Prime Top Round is cooked in-house
  • The combination of toppings and bread adds to the taste of the sandwich, but doesn’t hide the great taste of the meat

Our Opinion: On a scale of 1 – 10 this is a very high 9, which means you should try this new menu offering, as we believe it’s something you’ll want to add too that nightly question “What’s for Dinner Tonight.”

While this is a great Lunch Item, the team felt it would also be a great idea for dinner for the family, as they were rushing home. This idea also appeared in the following review…

“Family loves it. In just 3 minutes, I have dinner on the table with just a couple of other additions from the fridge. Bang… Done!”

Stated Kathleen in one of the Social Media Posts

Restaurant Location:

Sabretti's Hot Dogs & Wild Game Sausages

1451 Route 46 West #1, Ledgewood, NJ 07852 (Next to Cliff’s Ice Cream)

Website: http://sabrettis.com/


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