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Old Pathmark spot in Landing to get new Tenant – But it’s not an Aldi’s

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A recent discussion on Social Media reminded us we never reported the final results of Aldi’s intent on moving into the old Pathmark building in Landing New Jersey.

Earlier this year, based upon two letter-writing campaigns from our readers, Aldi’s was very interested in moving into the old Pathmark building in Landing. The discussions lasted for about three months before Aldi’s informed the Real Estate team that the location didn’t meet their requirements and they had selected a new location for the store.

According to Mr. Greenman who handled the negotiations, the problem that we have with the location is its Tier II classification (population in the area), which makes it difficult to attract Tier I stores (like Aldi’s, Shoprite, etc.).

New Tenant Early Spring 2020:

The good news is that there is one new tenant that will be leasing 5,000 sq. feet of the building. The new tenant is in the Automotive Parts Business and is expected to be open in the early spring 2020.

Still Hope for a Grocery Store:

Even with the new tenant the building still has more than enough space for some type of Grocery Store. According to Mr. Greenman, they have been making countless proposals to possible tenants and they may share the list with our readers at the start of the new year for our assistance in helping to close the deal.

He also shared that besides a Grocery Store other possible tenants could be a Recreational Facility, as they have received several interested parties from this category of tenants as well.


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