Roxbury High School - National Honor Society Inducts New Members

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ROXBURY, NJ (November 25, 2019) – Roxbury High School’s National Honor Society inducted 79 new members on November 21st to add to the 52 already existing members.

Students inducted pledged to continue to uphold the four pillars that make up the National Honor Society (NHS) which are scholarship, service, character, and leadership. A ceremony is held each year to formally induct students who have fulfilled the necessary requirements and acknowledge the many accomplishments that have allowed them to be eligible. Once members, students are required to maintain involvement as well as participate in all National Honor Society activities.

In order to fulfill the Scholarship pillar, students must either be a Junior or Senior with at least 3.75 grade point average and have a minimum of 60 credits.

Service, another pillar, also plays a strong role in being a member. The National Honor Society is highly concerned with giving its all to the school and community at large and believes service will enrich the lives of others through dedicating their own time to make a difference without compensation.

Students must meet all the criteria in the third pillar of Character. These individuals must be able to take criticism willingly, consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior, upholds principals of morality and ethics, cooperates by complying with school regulations, demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, observes instructions and rules, punctuality, and faithfulness both inside and outside the classroom while actively ridding the school of bad influences.

The final pillar of Leadership looks for students who demonstrate and successfully hold leadership positions of authority in the community and must be dependable and responsible in that role.

2019 National Honor Society Inductees


Amy Acevedo

Timothy Alves

Adam Anikiej

Justin Berge

Kelsey Berta

Justin Bosland

Shannon Brady

Mia Cinquegrano

Aidan Crysler

Vanessa DeBona

Nicolas De Piano


Niyah Dickerson

Abigail Dietz

Derek Dougherty

Kelly Ernst

Caitlyn Errichiello

Giulianna Falquez

Jordan Farina

Carla Farris

Dylan Fay

Rachel Feliciano

Jacob Fichter


Kyle Finnan

Allison Fleming

Hailey Gabloff

Ileana Gonzalez

Julia Grodzki

Jacob Hachey

Brody Hageneder

Jeremy Hajel

Alexander Harrington

Nicholas Hefferle

Alexa Hernandez



Adriana Hrelja

Walter Jacobus

Paul Kemmerer

Tyler Keyes

Riley Krzastek

Justin Kurbansade

Jason Lew

Jeffrey Li

Hweeho Lim

Bevan Luppnow

Melina Maldonado

Benjamin McDonald

Paige Metje

Jordan Migneault

Ashley Miske


Katelyn Molina

Joseline Molina

Gianna Musmanno

Trevor Napoliello

Joseph Negron

Charles Nino

Katie Nunes

Morgan O’Leary

Kenji Onari

Clarence Ong

Kaitlyn Otto

Callidora Pappas

Cristina Pascua

Sheryl Peng

David Petrov


Jessica Pichat

Kevin Pollonais

Cole Reynolds

Alyssa Rodriguez

Ciara Rodriguez

MarcAnthony Scalera

Schafer Sembrat

Elena Soranno

Lucas Spitzer

Brendan Straut

Declan Straut

Audrey Villasin

Catherine Van Ohlen

Katlen Weng

Vivian Yam


2019 National Honor Society Members


Jessica Allen

Alexis Amendolaro

Sarah Attieh

Taylor Bailey

James Beale

Meagan Byrne

Antonia Cacopardo

Ryleigh Coakley

Olivia DeVries

Tyler Doerr

Nicholas Elmasri

Lauren Ernst

Miabella Espaillat

William Fulton

Arjana Goroveci

Lindsey Kaiser

Cheng Kao

Justine King


Dustin La

Christopher Libby

Carly Longtine

Natalie Lugo

Rowan Luppnow

Anastasis Marasco

Jacob Martinelli

Deanna Maugeri

Kate McClosky

Amanda Melchers

Antoinette Melillo

Michael Mendelsohn

Landon Monro

Serah Njoroge

Marisa Palmucci

John Pergolizzi

Magda Perrett

Mary Piccitto


Melissa Priester

Ryan Rattay

Olivia Rebernik

Marcus Roldan

Danielle Rosengrant

Tara Roumes

Spencer Scalamoni

Max Schabel

Hannah Smith

Colby Snoke

Fiona Sparano

Emily Stanich

Madison Taggart

Lauren Tom

Anthony Tye

Serena Vizueta


PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Lors Photography for Roxbury High School)

  • Closing Remarks by Superintendent Loretta Radulic
  • National Anthem sung by Taylor Bailey, Ryleigh Coakley, Carla Farris, Jacob Hachey, Walter Jacobus, Paul Kemmerer, Justin Kurbansade, Benjamin McDonald, Amanda Melchers, Joseph Negron, Serah Njoroge,
  • Sheryl Peng, David Petrov, Melissa Priester, Olivia Rebernik, and Spencer Scalamoni
  • Guest Speaker Nicole Connelly
  • 2019 NHS Group Photo


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