I-PASS Initiative Takes Off at Roxbury Lincoln/Roosevelt School

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ROXBURY, NJ (November 22, 2019) – There was a lot to celebrate in October at Lincoln/Roosevelt School in Roxbury Township. In conjunction with Red Ribbon Week and the Week of Respect, fifth and sixth graders added their inaugural I-PASS week this year to help bring these broad messages to a more personal level for the students and emphasized the climate at LRS.

Students had an assembly earlier in the month to reinforce the ideas of helping others, respecting each others’ differences and making responsible choices. Each grade also had meetings with Principal Chris Argenziano, Assistant Principal Brian Hamer, and School Counselor Stefanie DelRusso regarding expectations and the I-PASS initiative in order to help students feel more successful while at school.

thumbnail_Argenziano Christian Roberts Anderson DelRusso
thumbnail_Argenziano Christian Roberts Anderson DelRusso
I-PASS Messages on back of shirts
I-PASS Messages on back of shirts
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As a culmination to the month, their I-PASS week started each day with a different word (Inspiring, Positive, Accepting, Safe, and Supportive) as defined by either a student or staff member over the announcements.

Sixth-grader Madelynn Anderson shard her statement on Inspiring. “The word inspiring can mean many things. In the dictionary, it says inspiring means to fill with a thought or feeling; influence. But inspiring can mean something different to every person. To me inspiring means to look up to someone and want to accomplish something like them. I also think inspiring means someone having a good influence on you. Many people have inspired me. But the people who inspired me most are some of my teachers, coaches, and teammates.”

Adding, “My fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Peppel inspired me to keep challenging and pushing myself to my full potential. Thanks to her I am a better student. The other two teachers that inspired me are Mrs. Murillo and Mrs. Smith. They inspired me to work hard and to never give up. They taught me that hard work pays off. My coach and teammates inspire me to work harder and become a better soccer player and teammate. Overall, anybody can be an inspiring person, your teachers, classmates, family members, and even you can be an inspiring person. If you have a good influence on someone and you are a good role model, you can be inspiring.”

Another sixth-grader Trace Roberts shared his insights on what Accepting meant to him. “Accepting to me is to accept something or someone instead of pushing them away. For example, if there was a new kid in the school you should accept them instead of ignoring them. Think about it, you would want to be accepted by people if you came into a new school. Acceptance might take the form of a friendly face, a smile, or just a hello. Also, you could listen to somebody and accept their thoughts even though you may not agree with them. Think about it as agreeing to disagree, you might not agree with them but you can agree on something else. You can learn to accept things by simply accepting them for the way they are.”

Wrapping up the student announcements was sixth-grader Addison Christian on being Supportive. “To me, support means being there for someone. Picking them up when they had a bad day or maybe they pick you up.

In school, you can help classmates with a skill if they have trouble with it. Being loyal is a big part of being supportive. If you say you’ll help someone, you help. You will be a good role model for everyone. But supportive also means being there even when someone doesn’t ask for help. Sometimes, people just want other people to listen, that’s support.”

School Counselor Stefanie DelRusso shared how she hopes I-PASS will affect everyone at LRS, stating, “It is our hope that by adding this personal touch, we are truly assisting the students to feel not as a student, but a significant member of the community here at Lincoln/Roosevelt School.”

Adding, “Throughout the year, these messages will continue to be emphasized on several levels including grade-level team building days.”

With the help and organization from Social Studies Teacher Melissa Davenport, Media Specialist Karen Fasino, and Special Education Teacher Caitlin Folkers, the sixth grade held their first I-PASS team building day on November 4th. This was a day focused on Lincoln/Roosevelt’s core values, team building, and having fun. Students were split into teams and rotated through nine stations outside during the day.

Each student and staff member received an I-PASS t-shirt and will be encouraged to wear it on respective I-PASS days.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury Schools)

  • LRS I-PASS Day – All students and staff were asked to wear their I-PASS t-shirts to show solidarity with each other
  • Principal Chris Argenziano, Addison Christian, Trace Roberts, Madelynn Anderson, and School Counselor Stefanie DelRusso
  • I-PASS Messages on back of shirts

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