Roxbury School Holds Patriot’s Day Collection for the Troops

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ROXBURY, NJ (September 18, 2019) – In honor of Patriot’s Day, the students at Jefferson Elementary School in Roxbury Township shipped 25 boxes of goods and supplies to the soldiers of the New Jersey Army National Guard C Troop.

“This was a combined effort of the students of Jefferson School and the very generous monetary donations of students and community members which covered the cost of shipping,” explained Principal Melissa Cosgrove.


Adding, “This project would not have been possible without the assistance of the students, faculty members, and the family of Todd McDonald, a former Roxbury student, who will receive the packages.”

Principal Cosgrove, parent Lisa Millus, fourth-grade students, Todd’s mother and children worked together to pack the boxes on September 13th and mailed them out the following day.

“Students enjoyed donating items in the Red, White, and Blue box which brightened the Main Lobby,” said Cosgrove.

Fourth-grader Ryan Parker agreed. “We really loved doing something positive for our Troops. We want them to enjoy something nice.”

“Participating in community service projects and helping others reminds us how we can all make the world a better place and concentrate on the Unity of the country after 9-11. Jefferson will never forget,” shared Cosgrove.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Jefferson School)

  • 25 boxes were organized and shipped to support our Troops

  • Students place donations in the collection box (Left to Right): Emma Millus, Fiona Dorn, Connie Wu, Kiley Czech, Juliette Fischer, Ryan Parker, Jaiden Malafronte, Matthew Sellitto, Mason Borsky, Jason Laffey

  • Students package donations to support our Troops (Left to Right): Mrs. Lisa Millus, Mr. McDonald’s children (Maeve, Todd, Generva) and Jefferson students: Julia Gartner, Colleen Aretz, Ryan Parker, Isabella Horta, Labrina Paxos, Emma Millus, Sam Tillawi, AJ Czech

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