Roxbury Elementary School - Provide Weekly Food Donations in Community Share

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ROXBURY, NJ (September 11, 2019) – Jefferson Elementary School in Roxbury Township is beginning the school year off by helping out Roxbury with their “Community Share” project.

Starting on the first day of school, the students are contributing to the Social Services food pantry by collecting food items that in prior years were thrown away in the garbage. Some students who are purchasing their lunch may not want the milk, yogurt, carrot sticks, etc. that comes with a school lunch. These children can now place them in the “Share Bin” for “unwanted, unopened and uneaten” items.

This food is stored in a donated refrigerator in the lunchroom and once a week the collection will be delivered to Roxbury Social Services.

After the first week of collecting, the school gave 40 milk cartons, 11 containers of yogurt, 60 bags of carrots, and 44 bags/pieces of fruit.

“It feels good giving back to our community and not wasting good food,” shared fourth-grader Evan Elbaum.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Jefferson School)

Jefferson Community Share (Left to Right): Evan Elbaum (Gr 4), Aleena and Asha Rana (Gr 3), and Vivian Cevallos (Gr 3)

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