Roxbury DPW Worker undergoes Foot Amputation – GoFundMe to Help

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On Friday, August 23rd, Roxbury DPW worker Chris Schmidt was enjoying a motorcycle ride with his brother-in-law, Ryan when another driver came into his lane and hit Chris on the left side.  

Chris was able to keep control of the bike and stop safely but suffered a severe injury to his left foot.   Chris has been in the hospital since and after multiple consultations, the best option for him and his family is amputation.  

DPW Leg In1“Chris is an absolute trooper and in amazing spirits having been through all of this.   As most of you know, Chris and Kari are the proudest and hardest working people on this planet. They work hard every day at their jobs, then also run their DJ business.   This accident will affect them and their ability to keep things going while Chris recovers.” Stated his GoFundMe account.

We all have no doubt that Chris will be back on his feet (with some help from science). But while he takes the time he needs to recover and rehabilitate, let’s ease his and Kari’s mind. He has been and always will be the first person to help anyone, so let’s be that for him and his family.  

A donation of any amount is wonderful. We have power in numbers to make a difference.

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