Not everyone loves Netcong’s Celebrations – New Petition – Stop the Noise

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A new petition started by Lindsay Campbell seeks to gather 500 signatures before it’s submitted to the Netcong Borough Council, asking them to lessen the noise in the community during the St Cesario and Assumption of the Virgin Mary celebrations.

The Online Petition States:

“Every year during the St. Cesario & Assumption celebrations, residents of Netcong and the surrounding towns are subjected to two full days of noise pollution as loud booms are fired off to mark donations made at the fundraisers. In addition to being generally aggravating to anyone who doesn't want to hear loud booms all day, this can cause especially severe distress for veterans in our community suffering from combat-induced PTSD, and for our pets--not to mention parents trying to get their kids to nap.

Fundraising does NOT have to involve a full day of noise pollution. These celebrations could still be fully enjoyed without all of the noise. There are many other communities that enjoy more reasonable fireworks displays that last for just a short time in the evening, when the fireworks themselves can actually be seen and fully enjoyed.

Please sign this petition to ask the Netcong Borough Council to revoke the permits that allow this rude practice to continue each year.”

See the Petition

According to Lisa Zwolensky Sibbald, from Landing, who supports the Petition.

“Every July and August to town of Netcong celebrates two traditions, the first is St Cesario and the second is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

It is a beautiful tradition. The part of the tradition that's not beautiful is the mortar bombs that start at 7am and don't end until 11pm. Then at 11pm the fireworks start. They light these 3" mortar bombs to signify a donation. So, every time a donation is made, they light these. It sounds like a war zone.

The first time I heard this I thought a mass shooting was happening. I ran outside to my car and drove away not realizing that it's a celebration. I have a toddler and the sound of these loud booms physically hurt his ears. He clutches his ears and cries hysterically. I can't calm him down.

These go off for 16 hours and he can't tolerate them. We aren't the only one's affected by these loud bombs. Pets go haywire. Veterans who live in the area with PTSD are also affected. The smoke from these fills the surrounding house's and it can be heard from miles away. 16 hours is excessive and so many other things can be used to mark a donation. The tradition is great, but these mortar bombs are not.”

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