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Help support Franklin ISL Teacher Michelle Marzocca with her DonorsChoose campaign. "Help me give my students these hands on materials that will help them to improve their number sense and reach their goals of math fact fluency."

Help me give my Roxbury students these hands on materials that will help them to improve their number sense and reach their goals of math fact fluency.

My Students

There is no greater reward for a teacher than to witness the moment that a struggling learner experiences that "aha" moment! It is a privilege and honor to assist students in my math "In Support of Learning" classroom at Franklin School to do just that. They are a diverse and dynamic group of students who benefit from supplemental instruction to improve and maintain their proficiency in mathematics.

These Roxbury students understand that learning is not a race, but a journey and that only through perseverance will they reach their goals.

The additional small group instruction that these students receive is tailored to their individual learning styles and developmental needs and helps to reinforce concepts and strategies of current and previously taught math skills.

​My goal is to provide enough support to enable the students to develop the necessary skills to become independent lifelong learners.

My Project

These hands on materials and strategies will help my Roxbury students to build their conceptual understanding of math fact fluency. With as little as 10 minutes of practice each day, these students will improve their basic fact fluency which will enable them to apply these skills to more challenging concepts!

These materials will give struggling students the experiences necessary to develop numeracy skills and the ability to use mathematical relationships to reason with numbers and numerical concepts!

With your help, I will look forward to using these materials to BUILD conceptual understanding, PRACTICE these skills and APPLY them to more challenging tasks!

 Click here to go to her DonorsChoose page.

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