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Last Friday was a great day to be a Gael. Twenty-five student-athletes from Roxbury High School participated in a signing ceremony committing to play their respective sports at the NCAA collegiate level.

Roxbury Athletic Director Stuart Mason congratulated off these athletes for their hard work in giving themselves the opportunity to compete at the next level. He shared, “Only seven percent of all high school athletes move on to compete any level.”

Adding, “You giving yourselves the opportunity is a testament to the hard work and a testament to the job your parents did in supporting you. We wish you best of luck next year!”

These student-athletes are joining the nationally recognized programs, many for Division 3 programs in eleven different sports.

Coaches, players, teammates, friends, and family members joined these athletes at their signing.

The following student-athletes signed Friday:

  1. Madison Amdur – Muhlenberg College (Softball)
  2. Nicholas Amendola – Stockton University (Men’s Lacrosse)
  3. Donovan Brady – Montclair State University (Baseball)
  4. James Burke – Rowan University (Track & Field)
  5. Jessica Cammarata – Lynchburg College (Track & Field)
  6. Cameron Cruz – Emerson College (Women’s Soccer)
  7. Natalie Decena – York College (Softball)
  8. Jose Diaz – New England College (Wrestling)
  9. Jacob Dino – Western New England University (Track & Field)
  10. Donte Gibson – William Paterson University (Football)
  11. Conner Hageneder – Castleton College (Baseball)
  12. Emma Karnitsky – The College of New Jersey (Women’s Lacrosse)
  13. Dominick LaRusso – Johnson & Wales University (Wrestling)
  14. Brendon Lessig – St. John’s College (Men’s Basketball)
  15. Madison Ketch – Centenary University (Softball)
  16. Connor Mahoney – Montclair State University (Men’s Lacrosse)
  17. Brendon Maresca –Sage College (Men’s Lacrosse)
  18. Madison Martino – Montclair State University (Women’s Soccer)
  19. Sarah Olivero – Kean University (Women’s Basketball)
  20. Julia Picciallo – Stockton University (Women’s Soccer)
  21. Luis Rodriguez – Rider University (Track & Field)
  22. Michael Roumes – Ithaca College (Football)
  23. Bethany Sansone – Rowan University (Women’s Soccer)
  24. Emily Song – Carnegie Mellon University (Softball)
  25. Jessica Spitzer – Denison University (Women’s Swimming)

PHOTOS ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury Township Public Schools)

  • Bethany Sansone
  • Bethany Sansone with Coach Justin Renna
  • Bethany Sansone with Friends
  • Bethany Sansone with Teammates
  • Brandon Lessig
  • Brandon Lessig with Coach Joe Ansaldi
  • Brandon Lessig with Family (L to R): Standing - Karla (mom), Rachel (Gr 12), Doug (dad), and Morgan (Gr 8)
  • Brandon Maresca
  • Brandon Maresca with Coaches Christopher Blough and Stephen Donnelly
  • Brandon Maresca with Family (L to R): Standing – Cameron (Gr 8), Victoria (mom), Nicholas (dad), and Madison (Gr 10)
  • Connor Mahoney, Brandon Maresca, and Nicholas Amendola
  • Brandon Maresca with Teammates
  • Cameron Cruz
  • Cameron Cruz with Coach Justin Renna
  • Cameron Cruz with Friends
  • Cameron Cruz with Teammates
  • Conner Hageneder
  • Conner Hageneder with Coach Greg Trotter
  • Conner Hageneder with Family (L to R): Standing – Brody (Gr 10), John (dad), and Tamara (mom)
  • Conner Hageneder with Teammates
  • Conner Hageneder with Teammates and Friends
  • Connor Mahoney
  • Conner Mahoney with Coach Christopher Blough
  • Conner Mahoney with Family (L to R): Standing – Stacey (mom), Hailey (Gr 11), Stephen (dad)
  • Donte Gibson
  • Donte Gibson with Coach Cosmo Lorusso
  • Donte Gibson with Family
  • Donte Gibson with Teammates
  • Dominick LaRusso
  • Dominick LaRusso with Coach Jim Dolan
  • Dominick LaRusso with Family
  • Dominick LaRusso with Teammates Multi-sports
  • Dominick LaRusso with Teammates
  • Donovan Brady
  • Donovan Brady with Coach Greg Trotter
  • Donovan Brady with Coaches Greg Trotter and Cosmo Lorusso
  • Donovan Brady with Family (L to R): Standing – Kim and William
  • Donovan Brady with Teammates
  • Emily Song
  • Emily Song with Coaches Paul Critelli and Diane Naugle
  • Emily Song with Family
  • Emily Song with Friends
  • Emily Song with Teammates
  • Emma Karnitsky
  • Emma Karnitsky with Coaches Allie Urban and Kevin Bewalder
  • Emma Karnitsky with Family (L to R): Tina and Craig
  • Emma Karnitsky with Friends 1
  • Emma Karnitsky with Friends 2
  • Emma Karnitsky with Teammates
  • Jacob Dino
  • Jacob Dino with Coach Derek Bischoff
  • Jacob Dino with mom, Janet Dino
  • Jacob Dino with Teammates
  • James Burke
  • James Burke with Coach Derek Bischoff
  • James Burke with mom, Uta Burke
  • James Burke with Teammates and Friends
  • James Burke with Teammates
  • Jessica Cammarata
  • Jessica Cammarata with Coaches Laura Schmidt, Derek Bischoff, and Katelyn Norgard
  • Jessica Cammarata with mom, Heather Cammarata
  • Jessica Cammarata with Teammates
  • Jessica Spitzer
  • Jessica Spitzer with Coach Thomas Gervasio
  • Jessica Spitzer with Family (L to R): Standing – Meredith Maffeo-Spitzer (mom), Michael (dad), and Lucas (Gr 9)
  • Jessica Spitzer with Friends
  • Jessica Spitzer with Teammates
  • Jose Diaz
  • Jose Diaz with Coach Jim Dolan
  • Jose Diaz with Family
  • Jose Diaz with Friends
  • Jose Diaz with Teammates
  • Julia Picciallo
  • Julia Picciallo with Coach Justin Renna
  • Julia Picciallo with Family (L to R): Standing – Cecilia and Joseph
  • Julia Picciallo with Teammates
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Luis Rodriguez with Coach Derek Bischoff
  • Luis Rodriguez with Family
  • Luis Rodriguez with Teammates
  • Madison Amdur
  • Madison Amdur with Coaches Paul Critelli and Diane Naugle
  • Madison Amdur with Family (L to R): Standing – Jed and Tracey
  • Madison Amdur with Friends
  • Madison Amdur with Teammates
  • Madison Ketch
  • Madison Ketch with Coaches Paul Critelli and Diane Naugle
  • Madison Ketch with Family
  • Madison Ketch with Friends
  • Madison Ketch with Teammates
  • Madison Martino
  • Madison Martino with Coach Justin Renna
  • Madison Martino with Family (L to R): Standing – Anthony and Jessica
  • Madison Martino with Friend
  • Madison Martino with Michael Roumes
  • Madison Martino with Teammates
  • Michael Roumes
  • Michael Roumes with Coaches Jim Dolan, Greg Trotter, and Cosmo Lorusso
  • Michael Roumes with Family (L to R): Standing – John (dad), Tara (Gr 10), and Kim (mom)
  • Michael Roumes with Ithaca Coach
  • Michael Roumes with Teammates
  • Natalie Decena
  • Natalie Decena with Coaches Paul Critelli and Diane Naugle
  • Natalie Decena with Family and Friends
  • Natalie Decena with Family (L to R): Standing – Lucy Parish Decena (mom), Jayden (Gr 9), and John Decena
  • Natalie Decena with Friends
  • Natalie Decena with Teammates
  • Nicholas Amendola
  • Nicholas Amendola with Coaches Stephen Donnelly and Christopher Blough
  • Nicholas Amendola with Family
  • Nicholas Amendola with Friend
  • Nicholas Amendola with Teammates
  • Sarah Olivero
  • Sarah Olivero with Coaches Justin Renna and Jessica Trotter
  • Sarah Olivero with Soccer Teammates
  • Sarah Olivero with Teammates

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