The Importance of Business Networking by Angela Kubisky

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News recently had the ability to interview Angela Kubisky, the EVP of Membership and Marketing for the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

Angela KubiskyDuring this interview, she expanded on her in-depth knowledge on how dynamic business organizations need to develop on opportunities for personal growth, business success and community leadership, through networking.

Why is Networking Important:

It is all about expanding your network, and building strong long-term relationships that you can network with people that can help your business in turn, and in the future, they will support your business. Community is a critical part of your network, as other become invested in your success. Networking helps us expand the people in our network, and in turn help the number people helping your business.

Why is it important to Network within the Community?

It’s important for you because you need to expand you network, and its relationship that help you make you successful. In order to be successful, you need to be invested in other people’s success for them to be involved in your success. You need to make strong relationships where you need to be invested in the other persons success, which in turn will lead to your success.

Primary Intent (It’s not just about me):

As you establish a relationship with a business, it is about mutual benefit where you can offer something that helps their business and adds value, and in turn, they will help your business.

Here are some of Angela Kubisky’s networking tips to help reduce those awkward encounters:

  • Doing research prior to entering any networking scenario is a game changer.  I recommend formally budgeting time on your calendar to prepare.  Review attendees on the registration list (often shared if asked) and practice your 30 second and/or 2-minute introduction. 
  • Don’t be scared to use adjectives in your introduction such as frustrated, disappointed, or concerned. The right story and examples will make you memorable and relatable.
  • Networking is about giving, serving, and supporting.  A savvy networker understands this universal rule and seeks opportunities to add value to others.  They are great listeners, doers, and have zero expectation of getting anything in return.  And because of that, they receive tenfold.
  • NetworkingNetworking starts with building rapport. Rapport happens when small talk is effortless and fun. Being exceptional at small talk takes skill. How we respond to questions like “How is business?” or “How are you doing?” is critical. Responses with short answers such as “slow” or “busy” are uninteresting. Try something like: “Business is doing well!  This week I started three new projects that are looking extremely profitable”. Or…” I am doing extremely well.  After one of the busiest quarters in our industry, I am taking a vacation in the Caribbean to recharge!” These types of responses provoke interest, questions, and help people engage more easily. 
  • Networking is about having the right mindset.  Understanding that networking is not selling.  Too many people have anxiety over networking events or even networking one on one.  Networking is simply the catalyst to building relationships.  Great relationships reap the rewards.  One of my favorite quotes is by Alfred North Whitehead.  “No one who achieves success does so without the help of others.”  Habit 2 in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is “Begin with the End in Mind.”  Take notes on your phone and make sure you follow-up afterward. Send them a hand-written note that is powerful on why you want to meet them.

What You Need to Do:

If you are a smaller Business look to your local groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, which may provide all of the networking events you need. Start by calling people within your current network, and seeing on how they are doing with genuine interest on how they are doing.

If you are a larger business with multiple locations, you need the extra level of support from the Morris County Chamber of Commerce and guidance from some like Angela Kubisky.

Morris Chamber of Commerce Offers:

Morris CountyVery professional group of 900 members that support over 100,000 people with over 300 networking events annually.

Raise Your Visibility - We provide you with a forum to network where you can build winning relationships that help you to create new opportunities and learn from members who have a proven track record of success.

Committee Participation - Joining a committee is a great way to share ideas and experiences, build relationships and find business opportunities.  Our committees include Business Development Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Health & Wellness Committee, Not-For-Profit Roundtable, Tech Talk Forum, Women in Business Program and Young Professionals Committee.

  • Opportunity to ‘Pay It Forward’
  • Professional Development
  • Public Sector Relationships
  • Engage with the Non-Profit Sector
  • Networking for the Bottom Line

You are allowed to test-drive the Morris Chamber of Commerce for many of their events by contacting Angela Kubisky at and possibly join the quarterly Networking for the Bottom Line.

Who is Angela Kubisky:

Executive VP of Membership and Marketing - Strategic Vision - Transformational Leadership

My core value is to serve. By infusing organizations with a spirit of service and aligning members around a shared vision, I energize teams to advance missions, drive economic growth, and promote community prosperity. As a chamber executive, credit union leader, and non-profit board member I have consistently enhanced value propositions exceeded revenue goals and increased member return on investment.

Angela manages more than 900 members for the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, by working with entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses and corporations to help them grow their network by making the right connections with other members. 

For more information: Contact and mention that you have read this article.

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