Kennedy School Celebrates Digital Learning Day 2018

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Digital Learning Day 2018 has come and gone in Roxbury. Schools took part in the day back on February 22nd. Digital Learning Day is a celebration of educational technology and gives students an opportunity to expand the use of technology in the classroom by learning something new.

Karen Kovarik, the technology teacher at Kennedy School registered the school with the Digital Learning Day website and then emailed the building staff with the news and encouraged them all to try something new in technology with their students that day.

Kennedy School Celebrates Digital Learning Day 2018

“I provided and some links and resources to get them started,” said Kovarik.

Adding, “I had fourth-graders create “DLD is coming” posters to hang around the school to generate interest and excitement.”

The day began with a special morning announcement and quick story from Kovarik. She shared, “Once upon a time, way back in 1973 in Chester, NJ, a little girl named Karen sat in her fourth-grade classroom. There was a big chalkboard on the wall. Sometimes her teacher would use a filmstrip projector to show pictures on a screen that pulled down from the ceiling. There were no whiteboards, no Smartboards, no desktop computers, no Chromebooks, and no iPads because they hadn’t been invented yet. She would never have imagined that all this technology could exist someday.”

“If someone had told her then that in the future she could be a computer teacher in Roxbury, she wouldn’t have even understood what that was! I think you guessed it—that little girl was me and I still am amazed by all the changes that have taken place in technology in my lifetime and I know that there will continue to be new inventions because technology is always changing.”

“Digital Learning Day is a day to celebrate how we can use technology to help us learn. Maybe you will try a new app or website today. I hope that you will take a moment to dream about YOUR future and IMAGINE what changes you might see in the world of technology. Perhaps you might draw pictures or write your thoughts down in words. Have a great DLD! Never stop imagining and creating!”

Kennedy teachers shared with Kovarik some of the special activities they had planned for DLD.

Jessica DeBarros’ kindergarten class used iPads to practice logging into IXL, a math website and then learned how to navigate through it.

Kathleen Byrne’s second graders joined Google Classroom and worked on a Google Doc.

Erin Allen’s third-grade class used the Google Cast extension to display their math work from their Chromebook screens to the Smartboard so the whole class could see their work.

Tina Banta and Rebecca Peppel’s fourth-grade class created their own digital portfolios of the work they had done in various subjects using Google Sites.

Technology goes beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic. Rose Abbey’s art class created holograms using iPads. Learn how to make your own at

Kovarik spent time in her computer classes with the third and fourth grade asking them to imagine how technology might change in the future. Students were allowed to choose the program to express their creative ideas and illustrations such as Pixie, Google Docs, or Google Slides.

Kovarik shared, “I was very pleased with the enthusiasm and participation on this special day. One of the highlights was when a pair of fourth-grade girls taught me something new about Pixie!”

PHOTOS ATTACHED (courtesy of Kennedy School)

  • 3rd Grader Emery Scavino is excited to be able to display her Chromebook screen onto the SmartBoard using Google Cast
  • Miss Abbey, Bryce Dunham, and Jake Miller are fascinated by the hologram the 2nd graders made in art class on DLD         
  • 4th grader Taylor Schauble dreams about the future of technology
  • Alex Fullam and Jonah Kalli work on a _future of tech_ Google Slide show together
  • Avah Bloom-Hagler and Therese Ohene-Ologo discovered how to work collaboratively in Pixie.  They taught the teacher something new on Digital Learning Day!
  • Julia's 2nd Grade Doc

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