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Franklin Kindergarteners Celebrate the Number 100

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Kindergarteners at Franklin Elementary School in Roxbury Township celebrated the 100th Day of School in a big way in February!

Students in Jenn Mauer, Robin Hellyer, and Kristina Holsman’s Kindergarten classes decorated t-shirts with 100 items and participated in a fashion show.

“We all counted to 100 while forming the number 100 out of students! In our classrooms we continued the excitement with special activities all about the number 100 the entire day,” shared Mauer.

Participating students from Mrs. Hellyer’s class included Audrey Abline, Gabriel Blackwell, Amaya Brunson, Daylani Claudio-Bustamante, Joseph Cubria, Peter Domin, Josue Garcia, Londyn Ingram, Thomas Jimenez, Brooke Lashevicki, Sloane Lennon, Ayva Mendendez, Brielle Michelson, Daisy Mickelson, Leonard Moffit, James Paladino, Isabella Pallamollo, and Tyler Teabo.

Miss Holsman’s Class included Haley, Blakeney, Carmella Brown, Jacob Cioletti-Trella, Madison Costantiello, Bronwyn D’Anton, Julia Evans, Noah Gwyn, Lillianna Hathaway, Antonio Kratt, Justin Nguyen, Adam Nuredini, Sebastian O’Shea, Arianna Padilla, Karl Reiche, Emily Rotondo, Hope Schleer, Alara Seckin, Jasmyn Selden, Addison Shluker, Angelina Traverso, Cassidy Tuite, and Bissan Younes.

Mrs. Mauer’s Kindergarten participants are Piper Beach, Violetta Benas, Alexander Bustos, Daniela Campos, Jake Colucci, Maya Delano, Sofia Godoy, Olivia Knapik, Emma Lenox, Evan Mackowicz, Izayah Martinez, Aubree Mastrian, Michale McColligan, Courtney McQuown, Allison Nilsen, Lolita Rico, Johnathan Schaefer, Emma Seipp, John Sisto, Karson Ward, Nathan Yun, and Juan Zelaya Euceda.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Franklin School)

· Franklin Students Form 100 (Above)

· Kristina Holsman’s Kindergarten Class (Below)

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