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Although winter is here, the pink flamingo flocking continues around Roxbury. The latest district administrator hit was Chris Argenziano, the principal over Lincoln/Roosevelt School. He came in Thursday morning to find his office full of 50 pink flamingos.

Chris Argenziano Flocked

One was sitting at his test pretending to be Mr. A, another group was having a bite to eat around his conference room table. You just never know when there will be another flocking!

Mr. A is in the dark as of now as to who could have flocked his office but he has his suspicions! Who knows, when he finds out, they could be next!

Flocking is a fun fundraiser for Roxbury High School’s mini-THON to help raise funds for children with pediatric cancer.

“Flocking is when you harmlessly prank your friends by signing up for us to put a flock of plastic flamingoes on their lawn,” explained the committee.

It’s not too late to purchase Anti-Flock Insurance for $5 which guarantees protection from all the flamingoes migrating around Roxbury.

If you would like to flock-a-friend, you can choose how many flamingos you want to migrate to your friend’s yard for 24 hours. A small flock of only 10 flamingos is only $15, a medium flock of 30 for $25, or you can choose a large flock of 50 flamingos for $35.

Once the forms are submitted to the mini-THON advisors the Flock Squad takes over. Moving the flamingos is free of change, but a donation is optional. Flamingos are not allowed to flock on public property or apartment complexes.

Funds raised through Roxbury High School mini-THON events will be donated to Four Diamonds. Roxbury High School will host its 5th Annual mini-THON to conquer childhood cancer by partnering with Four Diamonds on Friday, March 16, 2018.

Last year, Roxbury nearly tripled its success from the previous year by having over 400 participants and raising $52,237.82. Roxbury is looking to break $75,000 this year with your help! All mini-THON mini fundraisers are added to the overall total for the year.

Participants of the Roxbury High School Mini-THON 2018 are joining more than 90,000 students in this powerful nationwide movement.

In the U.S., more children die from cancer than any other disease, with 16,000 kids diagnosed every year. We are working to change this by partnering with Four Diamonds to conquer childhood cancer through world-class care, transformative philanthropy and life-saving research.

Ongoing donations can be made at any time on the RHS mini-THON donation page at Anyone can donate using the online forum provided by Four Diamonds. Any money donated on “Donor Drive” goes directly to the Four Diamonds, which is a 501(c)3 organization that is eligible for tax write-offs. For questions regarding the RHS mini-THON, please email

Have you been flocked? Post your photos on social media with the hashtag #RoxburyFlocksFTK!

Sign for anti-flock insurance or to flock a friend at

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