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First and Second Graders Learn Community Service

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First and second graders at Jefferson Elementary School in Roxbury Township learned about giving back. These young students collected hats, mittens, and socks for Roxbury Social Services during the month of December.

More than 100 items have been collected school-wide. 

First grader, Zachary Orban said, “I brought in a hat and some gloves for someone who needs them. I hung my name on our Giving Tree in the hallway and it was fun!” 

The Giving Tree is filled with all who donated.

Barbara Derrick, first grade teacher at the school shared, “The spirit of giving is contagious! We had so many students donate that we couldn’t fit them all in one picture! Happy holidays!”

PHOTO ABOVE (courtesy of Jefferson School)

Jefferson School Students Collect for Social Services (Standing L to R): Lucas Cuartas (Gr 1), Kiley Czech (Gr 2), Jaiden Malafronte (Gr 2), Sofia DaCosta (Gr 2), Brandon La (Gr 2), Max Cofoni (Gr 1), Nathan Fiore (Gr 1), Ava Guadagnino (Gr 2) and Brayden Mackey (Gr 2); Sitting (L to R): Matthew Johnson (Gr 1), Riley Miller (Gr 1), Kesheva Narayan (Gr 2), Gigi Stoia (Gr 1), Priya Chopra (Gr 1), Riley Farina (Gr 2), Atilla Arslan (Gr 1) and Tyler Smith (Gr 1)

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