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Draw-down on Lake Hopatcong now complete – So, What’s Next?

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As the NJDEP proceeded in the brief draw-down of Lake Hopatcong this year by an additional six inches, we all have to wonder what other changes are necessary.

Under the new DEP pilot program for this year the drawdown was only 22 inches, and since we were already 18 includes low, the total drawdown was an additional 6 inches, which we reached today.

So, under this pilot phase, both the residents and the NJDEP hope that we will reach the full pool in Lake Hopatcong again of 9 feet at the dam, since the boating, fishing and lake ecosystem requires this level.

While many residents believe this is a good first step in assuring our lake quality, others are looking past this year, into the future 60-inch drawdowns.

Next 60 Inch Drawdown due in 2018

Residents and the NJDEP hope that under our current drought conditions our lake will fully recover next year. But many are wondering what’s happens in 2018 where he drawdown is again expected to be 60 inches.

For external expertise is this area we once again reached out to Fernandez, owner of Bridge Marina, who has been active in following and advocating the lake.

Ray Fernandez, owner of Bridge Marina

I believe that the steps that NJDEP has taken on the 22 inch drawdown may remain a standard for future winter drawdown’s, and more importantly we should discontinue the 60 inch drawdown as it only benefits a few property owners construction costs but creates tremendous risk for the overall health of the community and recreational use of the lake”

“Only through these type of efforts are we able to ensure that we have the body of water that makes the lake… Lake Hopatcong"


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