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Is Hurricane Matthew our next Sandy?

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Matthew, currently a Category 4 (major) hurricane in the Caribbean, will take a northward turn this weekend, which will bring the storm along the Atlantic coast of the United States next week.

According to Accuweather, "While there will be some impact from the storm on the U.S., how significant impacts are along the Atlantic Seaboard will depend on Matthew's strength and proximity to the coast. At this time, possible tracks range from an initial landfall along the southern Atlantic coast to a storm remaining a few hundred miles offshore."

Once the hurricane emerges north of Cuba, the exact track of the storm during the middle and latter part of next week will become more clear, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis.

So, while we wait until next week to understand better what to expect. Now is the time to start thinking about if this is another Sandy, what do you need to be prepared?

Think through this list:

  • Food and supplies for several days
  • Extra cash (ATM's are out)
  • Cars full of Gas
  • Extra Gas Cans (fill right before the storm)
  • Batteries
  • Portable Radio / Flashlights
  • If you have a Generator, have you checked/started it lately?

Think about buying some of the small things ahead of time to avoid the long-lines and short supplies that happens when everyone finds out the track of the storm at the same time.

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