Hopatcong Grand Prix Racing – The true meaning of "Smoke on the Water!"

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The Hopatcong Grand Prix Race was held this last Sunday, September 25th and the crowd was amazed by the speed of the boats, the level of the competition and the overall venue offered at Lake Forest Yacht Club. As the boats race by the shore at sometimes faster than 90 MPH, the wake almost looks like smoke on the water.

They had over 40 boats participating in this race, which makes this the largest race for Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) this season. This was a must-attend for most boats, since the primary objective is to hold onto their point leads headed into finals of this season.

Grand Prix Race Crowd 2017In speaking to several of the boat owners, Lake Hopatcong is a special venue that offers racing on a shorter course in calmer waters, which is ideal for the smaller boats, but it also means that racers are up against tighter turns, which can cause a spin-out at high speeds.

The racers interviewed indicate that they do this for the love of the sport, rather than the winnings, which is normally $250 for 1st place. While they hope to gain points that put them at the top of their category, their boats in the higher classes normally cost over $250,000 and the yearly maintenance in some categories puts the cost over $1,000,000 to operate for a season. 

Once again, this is one of the few lake events that they do as an honor to Lake Hopatcong, the rest of the season they are off-shore in the ocean, which makes the race much different.

We look forward to this event returning to Lake Hopatcong in 2017!

Unoffical race results from Speed on the Water:

OPA Lake Hopatcong Grand Prix Results

Class 1Lightning Jacks
Class 2—BatMan Racing
Super Vee—Wazzup
Super Vee Light—Whoa Momma
Class 4—Saris Racing Engines
Class 5—Coastal Boat Sales
Class 6—You Gun Learn
Class 7—Bay Rat

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