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Over 100 Boats Crowd Lake Hopatcong for NJ State Championship Racing

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Saturday started this two day event, where the races sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association look to find who’s the New Jersey State Champion. Since this is the end of the season, this race is win or lose for many drivers for the whole year, as they try to gather the points necessary to finish the season.

If you haven’t been to one of these races. It is something you need to see to believe. The admission and parking is free, so there is no reason not to stop by and watch a race or two.

Boat LiftIt all starts with the big cranes lifting the boats into the water one by one as they get ready for their racing segment. As the race is called, the boats have four minutes to try out the track before ideally hitting the starting line at full speed. In speaking to the racing experts at the track this is the most critical point of the race, since if they can hit the starting gate at full speed in the inside track, they have the best chance of winning.

Once the race is started, the boats have a brief four-laps to try and better their position before the checker-flag determines the winner.

As we spoke to the racers, they love this lake for the normally calm water, but feel the track is a little tight, as the inner and outer markers make the six boats crowd together as they hit the first turn of the race.

Once again if you have not observed this event, it’s great fun for the whole family!

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