Lake Hopatcong Foundation President – Education Break happens at the right time

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In an interview with current Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) President, Jessica Murphy opened up about her Educational break. Jessica Stated, “I’m leaving for my graduate degree in Public Service at the right time. We have a great staff that can carry things forward, and now is the perfect time for me to invest in becoming a better force within the Foundation that can take it to the next level when I return."

The LHF will be in good hands, as the following appointments have already been approved.

  • Donna Macalle-Holly – Moves to Interim Executive Director  
  • Jennifer K. DeWitt, Development Assistant – Continues in her role
  • New Hire – Administrative Assistance

Jessica, was quick to add. “I’ll be calling in on a regular basis, just to make sure the staff starts off smoothly, and can find everything necessary.”

What lead up to this Decision?

Jessica, “I feel that this is the ideal time for me to invest in my education, as we have a great staff that can help back-fill me, and with two young children I need to do this before they control my schedule even more than they do today. But more importantly I need to bring new dimensions to LHF, that I can only find through further education.”

While my past background in journalism and environmental studies have served me well. There are times where I feel I need to:

  1. Better Manage the Volunteers, to understand their capabilities and place them in the ideal roles at the right time
  2. Financial Management, to better understand the overall financial planning and reporting
  3. Better understand the Restrictions and Opportunities on Lobbying, as a Charity Organization
  4. Utilize Organizational Management Principles that help things run smoother

When I return, I plan on being able to provide the following to LHF:

  • Ability to look at the direction of the foundation with a fresh view
  • Ability to apply a better organizational structure for the foundation
  • Ability to apply my new learnings, and the networking contacts in non-profit organizations

Jessica concluded, “I've been honored over the last four and a half years by the support that we have received from the community, which has helped the foundation grow. I look forward to taking the foundation to the next level when I return.”

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