Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting – Dangerous Boating - Weeds - Harvester Underway

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The following is the standard monthly meeting of the Lake Hopatcong Commission that occurred on September 14, 2020, by Zoom Technology.

ByramsCove2020Highlights the Public needs to Know:

  • Addressing Bad Boat Behavior (Over 400 Boats in Byrams Cove), Boats running at night without lights
  • One Harvester has been started for this week; locations to be cleared are unknown
  • Weed complaints have been minimized possibility due to the lack of clarity of the water
  • Dangerous Boating has been observed on Byrams Bay and Late Night Boaters

Chairman’s Report:

  • We just had one bidder on Weed Harvesting that will be discussed during the Executive Session
  • The movement to start meetings live in person by the next meeting (Venue TBD)


Councilmember Observations:

  • Are Weeds Still a Problem – Number of complaints are down – Crescent Cove Weeds have diminished. The Clarity of the water is cloudy over the last years, which is inhibiting the weed growth.
  • Darker water is inhibiting weed growth, needs more investigation
  • Quarterly Lake Meeting for Mayors has Occurred – No Results Reported

Lake Hopatcong Fountion Report.

  • Observation while there are low weeds and no HAB’s – We still do not feel good things
  • The Lake Groups (Hopatcong, Deals Lake, Greenwood Lakes) Looking to Expand Lakes Group
  • Boating Registration Meeting – Addressing Bad Boat Behavior (Over 400 Boats in Byrams Cove)
  • Good Conversations with Continues to Campaign elected officials to help the Lake
  • Video Taping of the Byram Cove is on going, Late night boating without lights are being observed – "Seems like the Wild West at Night"
  • The boating season is expected to run late this year

Princeton Hydro Report:

  • Working on the 319 new grants for Lake Hopatcong for 2021
  • The Green Clean Treatment is complete
  • The Biochar Treatment is Complete – Correcting Jefferson Area Issues
  • The Aqua Filter Projects in Hopatcong are moving forward
  • The Main Lake Aeration systems are underway
  • If we do not hit our seven different treatments this year, we’ll roll them into next year

DEP Report:

  • The 2020 Drawdown of 22” is the new standard for this Winter of 2020
  • There is no work being done on the Lake Hopatcong Harvesters to get them ready for 2021 until they are cleared due to the accident.

Land Use Board:

The Lake Hopatcong Commission is still reviewing Land Use Board Applications within 200’ of the lake, they are looking forward to working with the towns on the green ordinances by 03/2021 in general on priorities for the lake. The current issue is they may only have three days to reply once the plan is placed, which makes them look like a disrupter in the meeting.

They are looking for stricter enforcement in the future on ordinances and rain gardens according to DEP standards in 2021. They are looking to see if they have the manpower so that  they can handle everyone within the watershed regarding the ordinances.

Morris Parks Received 319 Grant and the Lees Park Grant will be updated to the LHC Next Week.

Lake Hopatcong Weed HarvesterExecutive Meeting Results:

  • The Harvesters are grounded for 6 – 12 months, the commission can go in its own direction and hire another vendor.
  • Resolution to approve $30,000 for the hiring of one contractor (only bidder) that will be harvesting starting this week on Lake Hopatcong, The locations of harvesting are still to be determined.


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