Prediction on Harmful Algae Blooms for Lake Hopatcong for 2020

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The following short video of Dr. Fred Lubnow PhD from Princeton Hydro who is our leading expert on Lake Hopatcong after 20 years, covers the predictions for HABs for the remainder of 2020 on Lake Hopatcong. This is just a small teaser of the much larger Video called…

‘Thirst for Knowledge’ - Lake Hopatcong Water Quality Monitoring Results: A Look Back and What’s Happening in 2020.

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Fred Presentation Webinar Cover                                             Covers just one Question on HAB's

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation will be posting this full video shortly, that is rich with information on the lake dating back to the 1990s.

It covers everything from water clarity, changes in watershed, years in the past that have been much worse, and what projects are underway to help Lake Hopatcong

Enjoy the short outtake and make sure you Like and Follow the Foundation on their Facebook page to see when the full video is fully released.


In addition, if you are interested in really following Lake Hopatcong make sure you follow the Lake Hopatcong Commission who is in charge of Lake Hopatcong.


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