Weed Harvester Overturns on Crescent Cove in Lake Hopatcong - Body Recovered

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The Weed Harvesters that has been operating for years on Lake Hopatcong under a seasoned crew, just started their operation of clearing weeds within the Crescent Cove section, when the very large machine overturned in the water at about 10:30 AM on June 24, 2020.

This very large device which is meant to mow the top of the weeds just started its first assignment of the year by clearing the Crescent Cove area this is reportly clogged with weeds somehow overturned, As you can see from the picture below the driver of the large vehicle is on the upper side of the device.

weed harvester

These Weed Harvesters just spent the last 6-months being repaired and updated for the 2020 season, under the watchful eye of the NJ DEP. These Weed Harvester are very large devices and are unlikely to overturn in any condition other than a failure in a major system.

Police, Boat and Aerial Searches, are are now complete as the body of the operator has been located.  

Residents of Lake Hopatcong have recently commented on how dense the weeds are in this area, with one boater saying they almost pull you underwater when it the water. In the following video from

At about 10:30 a.m., the large weed harvester capsized in the Crescent Cove section of Lake Hopatcong, State Trooper Alejandro Goez said. The operator, who has not been identified, was removing weeds when the harvester capsized and has yet to be found as of 1:15 p.m. Goez could not give further details.

State troopers continued to search the lake for any sign of the operator, as the cause of the capsizing is under investigation.

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