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Lake Hopatcong Refilling – Ready for Spring/Summer Action

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While our attention was somewhat diverted, Lake Hopatcong has quietly been doing its job refilling so when we are ready, Spring and Summer activities can take place on a full lake.

The faster than normal refill of Lake Hopatcong happened as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) approached the Lake Hopatcong Commission during the February 10, 2020 meeting, looking for recommendations on an early refill due to a warmer than normal winter.

The commission discussed the request from the DEP during the meeting, and drafted the following resolution for the DEP stating “The Commission recommends that we refill Lake Hopatcong to 8-feet by March 1, 2020, at with time the Commission recommends that the lake be leveled off until the lake reaches full pool at 9-feet.”

More Rain Doesn’t seem to be a problem

According to Accurate Weather, the Northeast is expected to be wetter than normal this Spring.

Lake Water Level 03 03 2020 In1

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