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Four ways to protect Lake Hopatcong this fall

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By Holly Odgers | LHF: The leaves are falling, signaling such autumn tasks as yard cleanups and pulling and winterizing boats. While you make your winter preparations, please keep the following tips in mind to protect our beautiful lake.

Avoid blowing leaves or grass clippings into the lake. Leaves contribute phosphorous to a waterbody and lead to nuisance algae and plant growth. It is best to rake leaves away from the lake for pickup or even compost them in your yard. For more information about using leaves for composting CLICK HERE.

Protect the lake from polluted runoff water by installing vegetative buffers along shorelines, adding trees, shrubs, and mulch to expanses of lawn, and diverting on-site runoff and rain gutters to gardens or small depressions where water has time to infiltrate the soil. For more information about vegetative buffers and rain gardens CLICK HERE.

Avoid washing boats or cars on impervious surfaces where the detergent will run straight into the lake. If commercial car washes where the wash water is captured, cleaned, recycled, and reused are not an option, wash your car or boat on your lawn and avoid using soapy water, which contains phosphorus and other harmful chemicals. Never wash soaps or cleaning products directly in the lake.

Support the Lake Hopatcong Foundation! Your donation to the Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s annual fund will support our programs and initiatives focused on education, environment, community and historical preservation, public safety, recreation, and arts & culture. Your support helps to foster a vibrant and healthy Lake Hopatcong and its surrounding communities. DONATE HERE.

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